NGC and MPP Take 2

NGC and MPP Take 2

Another week down, another week full new experiences. I've also been given some new assignments at my internship that I'm excited to begin working on. Overall, things are going well. While I continue to experience a lot of new people, places and things, this week I had the opportunity to return to a couple of the places I've already visited to learn even more. So while these acronyms may be somewhat familiar, my experiences were anything but routine.


Before I get to the acronyms, I just wanted to share a fun experience I stumbled upon this week. On my way to a park near the White House where we were going to enjoy our lunch and the relatively cool weather, another AASCU intern and I stumbled across a FRESHFARM Market. I had heard a lot about farmer's markets in and around D.C., but this was my first opportunity to visit one. One block of a street near the White House was closed down for a couple hours this afternoon to allow local vendors set up stands selling their products and offering free samples. There was everything from fresh bread to locally grown vegetables, even a pudding stand. It was a nice break from work and another one of the great things D.C. has to offer. Had it not been for the last minute decision to go out for our lunch break, I never would have found this market, so I encourage others to try get out and wander around, you never know what you will find.






Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the National Geographic Museum and explore exhibits on monster fish and Indiana Jones. This week I had the opportunity to return to National Geographic, specifically the National Geographic Channel (NGC), to attend an event entitled, "Telling the Nat Geo Story." This event provided TWC interns with the chance to hear from some of the individuals who develop many of the shows on the National Geographic Channel, ask questions ranging from the professionals' background experience to advice for interns, and network. Among the panelists were Igal Svet, the Director of Development at NGC, and John Eick, the Manager of Social Media Marketing. As I said in my last post about National Geographic, this is a brand I'm familiar with from my childhood, so I found it incredibly interesting to be on the other side and learn about how everything comes together to create the shows and magazines.


National Geographic

National Geographic Society Building.


Merriweather Post Pavilion is the place to be with your umbrellas. Last weekend, I attended the Hozier concert, which was great show minus the severe thunderstorms. This weekend, I thought I'd try my luck again by attending The Boys of Zummer Tour featuring Hoodie Allen, Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy. While the concert was amazing and much better than I expected, the weather was anything but. My friends and I packed our picnic to eat on the lawn only to arrive at a giant mud pit as a result of all day rain, but mud was not enough to stop us from enjoying the show. We still had a great time and got to hear some great music. Perhaps third time is the charm...? Check out some pictures below:


Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen performing at MPP.


Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa performing as part of The Boys of Zummer Tour.


Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy performing at MPP.


- Kailyn

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