MD to DE

MD to DE

While my experience participating in The Washington Center has been great, everyone needs some time to relax. Things are still going great at TWC and my internship, but with only a couple more weeks left here in D.C., I wanted to make sure I took time to enjoy some of the non-TWC opportunities that were presented to me. That's why this week's acronyms are RB and DE.


Career Boot Camp

Before I get into my weekend, I have yet another unique TWC experience to share with all of you. This Friday was Career Boot Camp, a day full of career development programs. Each intern had the opportunity to sign up for several sessions covering everything from creating a LinkedIn profile to learning how to read job descriptions. I attended a session called, "$mart $alary Negotiation," where I learned tips and tricks to keep in mind when negotiating to ensure I am paid fairly for a position and the experience I bring. While it was a long day, it was interesting to be able to hear from experienced professionals and learn some information that is sure to be helpful in the future.


Over the river and through the woods...

After work one evening my friend and I decided to take a walk through her Maryland neighborhood, which quickly became a hike after we found a trail through the woods. We spent the next several hours climbing up rocks, over trees and through dry riverbeds to arrive here:


Hiking through Maryland

Hiking through the woods in Maryland.


To me there is nothing better than stumbling upon spots like these, especially now that I'm in D.C., because they offer such a change of scenery. After taking in the scenery, we headed home, vowing to get out more and find other spots such as this. Fortunately for us, this was just the first of our scenic trips this week. DE we go.

This weekend my host family and I traveled to Rehoboth Beach (RB), Delaware (DE) to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun. I had never been to Rehoboth before, but have always heard such great things about it from friends and co-workers — all of which I found to be true. Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful town on the coast of Delaware with sandy beaches, a boardwalk filled with food and games, and a town full of unique shops and restaurants. Penny Lane was just one of the quaint little alleyways one could explore during their time in Rehoboth.


Penny Lane in Rehoboth Beach

Penny Lane in Rehoboth Beach.


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


Although the weekend was short, it was the perfect time spent relaxing and recharging, so that when I get back to D.C. I can hit the ground running my last couple of weeks and accomplish everything that needs to be done before I leave.



- Kailyn

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