AASCU and the DMV

AASCU and the DMV

In addition to updating everyone on my first full week in D.C., I would also like to share two acronyms that have already become important to me.



This past week was my first week as a communications intern at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, commonly referred to as AASCU (pronounced aas-cue). AASCU is a higher education presidential association of nearly 420 members who share a learning- and teaching- centered culture that supports underserved students and works to advance the development of its member institutions. It is a great organization with a worthy cause.


Although I have only been there for a week, I have really enjoyed my time as the communications intern. The entire staff has been so welcoming and helpful, and the work is just as enjoyable. I even have my own office space with a computer and everything else a communications intern would need. One of the best things about the internship is how open-minded everyone is. While I do have assigned tasks that need to be completed by certain deadlines, my supervisors and coworkers are incredibly open to new ideas and are willing to accommodate my interests during my time there. I really could not have asked for a better placement and I am excited to go to work each day.



In addition to adjusting to my new work schedule, I have also adjusted to my new commute. I am fortunate enough to have some really good friends in the DMV area. No, not the Department of Motor Vehicles, but rather the D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area. One of which was kind enough to invite me to stay with her and her family for the summer. This option has not only helped me save money, but it has also provided me with a support system and yet another resource to help make the most of my time in D.C.


With this location also comes the task of commuting into D.C. from Maryland. As I've been told, and quickly learned for myself, the Metro is an experience. You never know who or what you will see on the Metro. In just my first week alone, I've adjusted to the fast-paced city life and have been much more comfortable with the public transportation system when it comes to navigating my way to, from and around the city using the Metro. However, not all Metro experiences are great, which I also experienced first-hand on the morning of the first day of my internship when the bus was late and the Metro was delayed due to track issues. Fortunately, I made it to work on time and have yet to run into any more issues with the Metro system.


After sharing the story of my morning commute with a coworker, I was directed to follow @unsuckdcmetro, a Twitter account that people tweet at to provide updates regarding delays and other issues with the Metro system. Although it is not the official Twitter account of the D.C. Metro system, the information is reliable and updated constantly by fellow Metro users. This is one page I have already found myself frequently visiting and would encourage anyone else using the Metro to follow this account.


National Geographic Museum

After finishing my first week at my internship, I spent Friday afternoon at the National Geographic Museum with my Media & Communication professional track group. There were some interesting exhibits, including one called Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants and Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, as well as photos from National Geographic's magazine on display. Growing up reading National Geographic magazines and watching some of their programming on TV, it was fun to visit the museum in person.



Indiana Jones Movie Poster at the National Geographic Museum

Indiana Jones Movie Poster at the National Geographic Museum.


I spent the rest of the weekend barbequing with friends, celebrating another friend's birthday and hanging out in Maryland. It was a nice way to end my first full week in D.C. and relax before heading back to work on Monday.



- Kailyn

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