Networking in the City

Networking in the City

Hello again!


It seems that I get busier and busier every week; I’ve been squeezing in updating my blog on nights, right before I go to bed! July is going by way too fast because I can already see the date I return home on my calendar.


Work, work, work!

I had the opportunity to attend an event at the German Marshall Fund of the United States about the future of the U.S.-French defense and security cooperation. To call it fascinating is an understatement. The Minister of Defense of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, spoke on how close France and the U.S. are in terms of defense and security policies. The best part of the entire event? Monsieur Le Drian spoke in French and I followed along well! I am so proud of myself for not forgetting my French!


The Fund for American Studies hosted a ceremony at the history Mayflower Hotel to honor Senator John McCain for his accomplishments and his dedicated to freedom and I had a chance to attend. Senator McCain is a surprisingly funny guy! When I read about these government officials, it’s easy to forget that they are real people; it’s incredibly eye-opening to come to Washington, D.C. and see these same officials who have immense power and sway purely because of their own experiences and knowledge. It reminds me that people of power or influence are still people and that if I work hard (and occasionally get lucky) I can be one of them too.


UMD at TFAS Ceremony


Once a Panther, Always a Panther

I’m so lucky to go to a school that is so invested in the success of its students outside of the academic. Florida International University (FIU) hosted two events in Washington this week that I attended that allowed me to network. It’s so great to have a net of FIU Panthers this far from home.


On Wednesday, I attended the annual Intern Luncheon with President Rosenberg. I got to speak about my work at UMD and my time in Washington to many members of the FIU community, including other students, administrators, and professionals. I even got to take a picture with President Rosenberg!


President Rosenberg and me


The FIU Alumni Association hosted its annual FIU in D.C. BBQ at a park in Virginia where I got to hang out with more FIU students and alumni with yummy food and good conversation. I even met an alumnus who had been to Skopje recently!


FIU Panthers!


Getting into Shape at Career Boot Camp

TWC’s Career Boot Camp was a day filled reviewing the skills that can’t be taught easily in a classroom. I got to explore more of LinkedIn and suddenly understand its features a lot better and I got some tips of creating and maintaining connections in my network. A TWC advisor and I revised my resume which, combined with my resume critiques by D.C. professionals, means that my resume is finally perfect! With the help from Career Boot Camp this week, I feel ready to go into the career market…but I think I’ll stay in school for a bit longer.


French Festival Fun

On Saturday, L and I went out to the beautiful Hillwood Estate. It’s one of my favorite places in the city now. The house and gardens are gorgeous; the treasures inside are even better. L and I were particularly fascinated by the photos and trinkets of the Romanovs, like Tsarina Alexandra’s Faberge notebook and wedding crown. There was a French festival celebrating Bastille Day that day, which we took advantage of by making hats! I was proud of my Marie Antoinette-inspired creation and wore it around the estate.


at Hillwood Estate


I’m writing my next blog post right now, so keep an eye out for it!

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