Has it really been a month?

Has it really been a month?

Hello again! Can you believe I’ve been in D.C. for a month?! It’s going by so fast!


This past week was a hectic one, with at least one event every day!


The Wilson Center hosted Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut for a discussion on the future of American foreign policy on Monday. His notion for American foreign policy would include more than traditional military action, such as greater multilateral action and foreign aid. His points were incredibly interesting and gave me something to think about and discuss with my colleagues and roommates.


Remember my parting words from last week’s post? Monday was a very special day because Florida International University, my university, celebrated its 50th anniversary! I got to celebrate it with fellow Panthers in Dupont Circle, where we made FIU history by celebrating in D.C. with #FIU50inDC. It’s absolutely amazing to be a Panther during this historic time for my school.




A classmate and I spent Tuesday evening walking the U Street Heritage Trail for a project for my academic course. Of course, we were caught in that evening’s thunderstorm and had to wait in the Metro station for about thirty minutes so we wouldn’t get soaked. But once the rain cleared up, we walked down U Street and ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl. My classmate was stunned at how different U Street looks on a weeknight without all the late night crowds. I have yet to go to U Street on the weekend, but I will be sure to go one night just for the experience!


On Thursday, I got to attend the celebration of Croatia’s Statehood Day and Armed Forces Day at the Library of Congress with all of my colleagues from UMD. There was lots of delicious Croatian food and desserts; I even sampled the seafood!




Even though I’ve been in D.C. for four weeks now, I had yet to hear the National Anthem and when I heard it playing inside the Library of Congress, I felt unexpected pride in being American. I was inside the Library of Congress, just across the street from the Supreme Court, where the justices had ruled federal subsidies for the Affordable Care Act legal, and the Congress, where Congressmen where creating and debating laws! Moments of realization of where I am standing and what I’m doing keep hitting me; they make me truly appreciate what an amazing opportunity I have.


I spent my Thursday night at a resume workshop. I've been complimented on my resume before, but looking it again, I realized that I could make it even better. I've finally added my internship and my TWC experience, which required a lot of trimming down and rearranging. It's a work in progress but I feel confident about it!


My Fridays are dedicated to TWC, and this Friday was no exception. My LEAD small group course focused on mixed generation workplaces and how generations have different values, leadership styles, and work styles. It’s valuable knowledge to have because I will be entering a workforce that is not all millennials, which tend to have similar values and work styles as me. I am interacting with people from another generation that were raised and educated differently than me and as such, I might find myself in a situation where generational differences cause a misunderstanding. It’s good to learn this now so I can be aware of it.


Weekend fun

Saturday was a well-needed recuperation day. The rain kept my roommates and I home all day, resting and working on classwork. Luckily, it was such a beautiful day on Sunday that L and I went to the National Zoo! I cooed over the panda, sand cat, ocelot, and otters. I was really fascinated by the lions and the poisonous frogs. My dad told me about the tiny but dangerous frogs of the Amazon and I happened to see them there. The zoo was much bigger than I expected and we got a great workout.


At the zoo


My friends and I are already making our Independence Day plans, which I’m ridiculously excited about. For my next post, I’ll definitely talk about the Fourth of July in D.C. and my week! Until next time!

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