Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Hello again!


I can say with certainty that I have crossed an item off my bucket list: spending Independence Day in Washington, D.C.!


My roommates and I unanimously decided at the start of our time in D.C. that we would see the fireworks at the National Mall on the Fourth of July; we did exactly that.


We walked from the RaF (our housing building in NoMa) to Capitol Hill, where we stopped to have a small photo session in front of the Capitol.


L, E, G, and me


As we were walking towards the Mall, we started feeling what would be the first few raindrops of a long and strong rainstorm. When the rain became too strong to continue walking, we hid under the overhang of a building. We played games and chatted through the entire rainstorm while staying completely dry. Luckily, we thought to bring some sheets to sit on and some food because we stayed under the overhang for about two hours, even after the rain cleared!


Once the last dark cloud left, we started heading towards the Washington Monument. I was surprised at the few people on the Mall; I was expecting hordes of people but we found a comfy and dry spot quickly! The area around the Washington Monument filled up by 9 pm though, just in time for the fireworks.


At the Washington Monument


The fireworks, which were launched from the Reflecting Pool, were directly overhead us. There were even a few U-S-A fireworks!


Fireworks! Boom!


While the music was a little low and the fireworks really weren’t the most majestic or more incredible display I’d ever seen, it was extremely special and exciting. Merely being on the National Mall, in the heart of the nation’s capital, surrounded by people celebrating being in the United States made this one of the best Independence Days I’ve ever experienced.



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