An Eventful Week

An Eventful Week



This past week was incredibly fun and incredibly active. I don’t think I relaxed until Saturday! While I woke up every morning just as tired as I feel asleep, I don’t regret any of it because I have had so much fun doing everything. I just make sure to catch up on my sleep on the weekends.


Working Hard

I enjoy having various projects to work on at my internship, but it means I’m always busy and have to plan my schedule well; my watch has become my best friend! All the fellows and I are currently working on public policy advocacy on Capitol Hill. We’ve been visiting every single Representative’s office to speak with aides or at least get information to them. It’s been an incredibly valuable learning experience; I could never do something like this in Miami, where my access to my government officials is pretty limited. Only in D.C. can I simply walk into a member of Congress’s office to discuss something.


At Rayburn House


My supervisor is also the best. He organized a discussion with Tim Goeglein, who served as Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and is the Vice President for External Relations at Focus on the Family and a Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation in Washington. We discussed the importance of family and the character of Washington, D.C. It was great to have a discussion with someone who has so much experience in politics and who understands what is needed to succeed.


I continue to be busy outside of my internship. TWC hosted the second Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series on Friday, this time about race relations in America. It was a fascinating panel. As the speaker said, we do not speak about race in the U.S., a country based on being a melting pot of different cultures and races, because it often makes us uncomfortable. Yet the issues of discrimination, fair access to jobs, education, and housing, and racism must be addressed if they are ever going to be fixed. My roommates and I continued the discussion in our apartment, as I’m sure many others did after the lecture.


I also had an excursion to Penn Quarter with my class on Sunday, which was very fun. We toured Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was shot, the Petersen House, where Lincoln died, and the National Portrait Gallery. I keep on bringing up these really interesting stories when talking to my colleagues!


Scandalous Class in Ford's Theatre


Playing Hard

One of the highlights on my summer in Washington has been going to the Taylor Swift concert with A, who is also a fellow at UMD, on Tuesday. We had so much fun! There are probably a dozen videos of us dancing and singing along to Taylor Swift on our phones.


A and me at Taylor Swift concert


My roommates and I had a movie night on Saturday with a couple of friends. We watched National Treasure and we picked out what was realistic and unrealistic about Washington, D.C. It’s funny how we can do that now!


I also had the chance to see Washington, D.C. from a rooftop this week. I hadn’t seen the city from above yet. At sunset, Washington is magical. I had one of those moments of self-awareness where I was reminded of exactly where I was: spending an incredible summer working, exploring, meeting new people, and making new friends and memories.


My time in Washington is winding down, but I’m just as busy. My family is already counting down until I’m back home in Miami. I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye to Washington just yet, so perhaps I’ll find myself back here in a couple of years.


Until next post!

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