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Home Institution: The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Internship Site: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention/SPAN USA

Program: Law and Criminal Justice

This week was incredibly busy for me, which kind of makes up for all the boring, snowy days of last week. Of course, during this week I was extremely tired and grumpy during all of my extra activities, but now that I can reflect on them with a full night's sleep, I had a really great time! Unfortunately, the weather started getting questionable again this weekend...we can only hope that spring will emerge soon...DC in cherry blossoms looks 100 times nicer than DC in slush, and I feel like even Mother Nature would agree with me.

The Week with all the snow (2/16-2/22)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow days are one of those things that seemed aaaaawesome as a kid - no school, fun with friends, mom makes hot chocolate, etc. Unfortunately, now that I'm an adult (or something), they've kind of lost their charm. Especially when you're walking back from the grocery store laden with food and almost lose your entire bag of bell peppers to the snow. (Not to mention I have to make my own hot chocolate now). None the less, there's still something pretty about freshly fallen snow.  

Unfortunately between sick days and travel days, I really didn't get to spend a lot of time at my internship this week. However, the days that I did go...well, boy were they exciting! I never thought I'd be excited or bragging about being able to sit in on Senate/House hearings, but hey, stranger things have happened. In addition to the internship, we have our first SMLS (explained later) day at TWC, as well as a weekend full of chocolate for me.    

So far so good - the second week of my internship has gone just as smoothly as the first. Thankfully, I am getting more familiar with not only how the office works, but also with navigating Capitol Hill (which, only a week ago, seemed impossible). My cooking skills are also improving - I have only eaten one freezer meal since I've been here, which is a huge step up from my standard dorm-room diet.

The Week I Went to Capitol Hill (1/26-2/1)

Monday, February 02, 2015

After many patient months of waiting, the time has finally arrived - my journey with The Washington Center (TWC) begins! I moved in on Wednesday the 21st, after waking up at a lovely 5 a.m. to make the trek down from scenic Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The next couple days were busy busy busy - I finally met my mystery roommates, started the greatest job I've ever held in my life, tried some new restaurants and much much more!   The Roommates

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