The Week I Went on a Road Trip (or three) - 4/27-5/3

The Week I Went on a Road Trip (or three) - 4/27-5/3

As promised, I have TONS of pictures for you guys this week and I am so pumped to share them! After a few weeks of quiet work around the office, we went somewhere really cool almost every day this week. Unfortunately, it was Tracy's last week of work, which was bittersweet, but I am glad it ended on a good note for her. That reminds me - I am excited to let you all know that I have been hired to stay at AFSP over the summer! Since they're hiring other interns as well, I'll be doing a bit of a different job that I'm used to. I'll certainly be helping with small projects here and there around the office, but the big thing is helping to plan and organize our two big June events - the fundraiser and our Advocacy Forum!!


The Internship


Today we took a field trip to the Organization of American States, the venue for our June fundraiser with Judy Collins. If I had to describe the place in one word I'd pick.....nothing. Because there isn't a word good enough to describe how absolutely breathtaking this place was! We had a brief tour of the facilities and rooms we'd be allowed to use for the event so we could plan where we were putting food, tables, check-in etc. My favorite part of the building is definitely what they call "The Patio"; it's the area when you first walk in. It's not necessarily outside, but there is a beautiful stone floor much like a traditional patio, as well as magnificent trees growing up to the ceiling!




Today was road trip #2 and even though our destination wasn't as pretty, I almost enjoyed it a little more...that's because we went to go do taste-testing for our event caterer! We decided to use DC Central Kitchen as our primary caterer a) because the food is DELICIOUS and b) because they do a lot to combat food insecurity, and provide jobs for the unemployed. Because our event is at OAS, we decided to go with a kind of Latin American inspired menu, and our taste-test consisted of different "finger foods" including quesadillas, empanadas and other similar items. Personally, I thought everything we ate was really good, but we did end up striking a few things off the menu and adding some other stuff. But overall, I am REALLY looking forward to working this event now!




Today we didn't actually go anywhere, but we had a very special visitor...Miss Judy Collins herself! She and our internship supervisor John, spent the day traveling from C-SPAN, to WTOP, to some other radio/news channels doing a media tour to spread awareness about suicide, as well as promote our June event. We watched John and Judy's C-SPAN interview at 10 am that morning - it was pretty cool to see our boss on TV! While Judy didn't stop at the office that day, we will be meeting her in June when she comes back for the fundraiser.



Today was Children's Mental Health Awareness Day (and May is Mental Health Awareness month!!!) so we spent the morning in front of the Capitol to watch Representative Grace Napolitano from California speak during a press conference. One of our co-workers from AFSP, Trevor, also said a few words which was really cool! Unfortunately, we didn't get to personally meet Ms. Napolitano, but there is a larger picture (that I unfortunately could not track down) that was taken with us and her in it! So in a way...I kind of met her...let's say I met her.



Later that afternoon, our boss took us and the rest of the office out for a farewell lunch at the Bombay club, which was a nice upscale Indian restaurant. It was kind of a weird experience for me since I've never had Indian food, so I just picked something random off the menu that sounded good. I ended up ordering this lamb dish called Nalli Goscht and it was AMAZIIIIINNNNGGGG. I probably can't afford to take myself out there anytime soon, but if I ever do...definitely something to order again.


In TWC News...

...we graduated! Er, commenced. I'm not sure the proper term. But the program is officially over! I'm so glad that I decided to spend my semester in DC doing this program and although I did enjoy it very much, I am SO GLAD that it's over! I'm ready to go home for a week or so and relax before heading back down here to pick up at AFSP for the summer. I am also glad to have finished my 47 page portfolio! I had an extra copy made for myself so I can look back on what I did this semester. To be honest, it's pretty cool.


Unfortunately, the end of the semester is always a little sad. I met some really cool people these past few months. My roommates Celeste, Olivia and Tracy were all pretty cool; I liked hearing about our different internship experiences and weekend adventures, and even though we didn't always agree on everything, I feel like it was a pretty successful semester! Best of luck to you three in all that you do!


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