The Week I Went to the Jungle, the Desert, and Hawaii (3/9-3/15)

The Week I Went to the Jungle, the Desert, and Hawaii (3/9-3/15)

In an extremely welcome change of events, my weekend was actually busier than my work-week - and to top that off, the weather was....well, agreeable. It rained a lot on Saturday which was a huge bummer, but the other days were pleasant enough to be outside. It's hard to believe that the semester is already half over (can you believe it?! HALF?!), but luckily, I've been really enjoying it so far. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to be able to go back to dorm rooms and classes after city-living and working all day.

The Internship

Usually I like to break this section up day-by-day, but I'm just going to give a quick synopsis of the whole thing this time - as I mentioned before, I did a lot of stuff over the weekend, which I think is going to be cooler to read about than the standard internship routine. This week consisted of a lot more State Capitol Day Work - phone calls to State Senators and Representatives to set up appointments for our advocates, preparing folders/materials, working on the Congressional Directory, etc. It seems like really tedious or dull work, but I can see how it makes a difference to the organization - plus this directory is going to look awesome when it's finished...Wednesday, we did get to go to the National Press Club Building for the launch of SAMHSA's new suicide prevention app, Suicide Safe.



In TWC News...

Well, after much suspense, I am pleased to let you know that I got a 27.5/25 on my first Forensic Psychology Exam! I am not entirely sure how it happened (I suspect there is a curve involved), but hey, I'll take it. Friday was a standard LEAD-Professional Track Day; we had the 9 am session to learn about different frames of leadership, and then we had a panel discussion on careers in law enforcement at 2:30. One of the speakers worked in cyber-intelligence, which sounded really awesome, but this poor man also sounded exhausted - huge round of applause to him for using his time off to come speak with us, but I also kind of wished he could have used that time to sleep...I feel like he might not do that very often.


Outside Academia

My parents came down to visit this weekend! This is good for two main reasons: 1) They will bring me stuff from home I didn't pack in the beginning of the semester and 2) They will buy me food. (Just kidding, it's nice to actually see my parents as well). My dad is a huge history buff, so we waited about an hour in line to go see the National Archives. The waiting wasn't too bad - we all caught up and chatted in line, but unfortunately we also went at the same time as some middle school class trip, and had to spend the entire wait surrounded by the pitter-patter of Ugg boots and the shutter sounds of iPhones. Once we were inside, it was well-worth it, however. We saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the Rotunda, as well as visiting the Public Records Exhibit and a special Exhibit on the history of Alcohol in America. I wish I could have taken pictures for the blog, but unfortunately photography is not allowed as it might damage the documents! Fun Fact time, though - Richard Stockton, the man my college is named after, was actually a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and I found his signature on the document! (Less fun fact, he is the only signer to later recant and swear loyalty to the British, but hey - nobody's perfect).


After my parents left on Sunday, I took a trip to the Botanical Garden with James, my boyfriend. I have never been here before, despite the amount of times I've been in DC. It was absolutely fantastic! I really love plants and flowers (succulents in particular - and there was a whole Desert gallery AHHHHHHHH) so I took toooooons of pictures, which I will share below.


oooohhhh ahhhhhhhhh




Look at all that color!


The Garden had a bunch of different sections - jungle plants, medicinal plants, tropical plants, endangered plants - you name it. I hiiiiighly recommend going just like...maybe don't wear a heavy winter jacket.

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