The Week I saw the First Lady (3/2-3/8)

The Week I saw the First Lady (3/2-3/8)

Well to no one's surprise, I was a liiiiiiittle disgruntled about the snow this week, but luckily it started to get really nice this weekend. I was outside Sunday with just a sweatshirt on! Soon I will be able to go to work and not have to dress like I'm about to head out on an Arctic expedition. (And soon, you will be able to read my blog and not have to listen to me complain about the cold...)

The Internship

Monday and Tuesday

I'm grouping these two days together because I did a lot of the same work. We had a lot of preparation to do for our upcoming state capital days - this week's was actually in my home state of New Jersey! We prepared folders full of information to give the state legislators - suicide statistics, AFSP programs, health insurance information and other things. I've also been working on compiling a new directory of each state's US congress members, and their committee assignments, contact information, etc. to give to our advocates in AFSP's annual advocacy forum this summer.



Today was SO LOOOONG but so worth it! Most of our office has RSVP'd for an event at the Newseum, which was the launch of the Campaign to Change Direction, a national initiative for mental health reform. Although the event ran from 9 am to 1 pm, we had to arrive at 7 am to go through security. Why, you may ask? Well, the guest speaker at the morning's event was none other than our own First Lady, Michelle Obama - which means Secret Service security checks. The program consisted of various other speakers (including my internship's own CEO!), panel discussions and miscellaneous performances. There was also time for mingling and refreshments, during which I brushed up on my networking skills and met a lovely woman who works as a psychologist in Virginia. And, of course, I took pictures.




Booo snowwww >:(

In TWC News...

Thursday's class was cancelled due to snow, which I suppose means extra work for next week! (Yikes...) Friday was "Career Boot Camp", although TWC was operating on a two-hour delay, so we missed the first workshop. The ones I did get to attend were on researching employers, answering interview questions, and how to dress and act on interviews. It was a long and busy day, but I was very happy to have the chance to meet some people at TWC that I hadn't spoken to before.


Sunday I headed over to the Washington Humane Society to complete my Civic Engagement volunteer requirement. I was a little disappointed to find that my job mostly entailed washing dishes and mopping floors, but at the end of the day, I felt pretty satisfied. Although I completed my requirement, I hope to go back throughout the semester to volunteer a bit more, just for fun (although maybe in shorter shifts...).



Outside Academia


This Wednesday I had to Skype my college to take part in Executive Board Elections for our Circle K club, a community service organization I've been a part of since coming to Stockton. I am happy to say that I won Vice President, and will continue to serve as a board member! Hooray!


Friday night, I had a couple friends from American U visit and I took them out to a TWC staple - TD Burger for Karaoke Night. I was extremely disappointed that neither of them wanted to sing, but we all had a good time, regardless.

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