The Week I Panicked at the Disco (4/13-4/19)

The Week I Panicked at the Disco (4/13-4/19)

So, here's a lesson in planning for all you readers at home - it pays to actually look at your schedule and make educated decisions based on what's happening. Awhile back, my school announced that Panic! At the Disco (one of my all-time favorite bands) would be playing my university's spring concert. Naturally, I booked bus tickets home that weekend as fast as I could. For those of you in DC, you're probably well-aware there was another concert this weekend. Except it was with Fall Out Boy...and Train...and No Doubt...and a couple others...and oh, yeah IT WAS FREE. Moral of the story: Actually planning your decisions can save you money (and 11 hours spent on a Greyhound bus that you can never get back).


With that being said, Panic played a fabulous show and I'm glad I went.


The Internship


This week is a little blurry for me; I spent most of it working on small projects here and there, nothing too big. The photobooks I spent forever working on finally came (yay!!!) but some of them had mistakes so I had to re-order a few (not yay...). Luckily, I was still able to get a good discount. I was also tasked with compiling some information on legislation we're keeping track of, but the actual formatting of it was left up to me. I ended up making a map of the US with the states color-coded depending on the category they were in. I really liked the way it turned out, and I think my boss did too!



Today was pretty cool; I attended a National Health Council Meeting with one of my co-workers, Nicole. The people were all really friendly, and we spent a lot of time exchanging useful tips and strategies on how to run events, which was good considering our National Advocacy Forum is coming up. We also had a legislative aide from the Hill come speak to us about do's and do not's when meeting with Congressmen and/or staffers. I took a lot of notes which I hope to utilize when our event comes up.


In TWC News...

Things are really starting to wind down! We had our last lecture for my academic course, leaving only presentations and one exam left. I've been slowly chipping away at my portfolio, but now that Commencement is coming up, I've got to start gathering my work samples and finish writing papers. It's hard to believe the semester is already over; I feel like I was only moving in a week ago. We even have our last day of programming, Global Citizenship Day, coming up.


Outside Academia

I had a super-busy weekend the past few days. I mentioned the Panic concert earlier, but I did decide to return to Stockton for a number of reasons. On Friday, Psi Chi (National Psychology Honor Society) held their annual research conference, where they present awards, have panels and guest speakers, and induct the new members. I was accepted into Psi Chi last semester, and I was also granted a merit scholarship that was presented at the conference - however, my bus was delayed in leaving and I ended up missing the conference! Still, my name appeared on the program (and I am still getting the scholarship) which is pretty cool.


Saturday was an all-day event at another college for my service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. It was a day full of workshops, service events, and socials! I like going to this event to hang out with my brothers and to meet people from other chapters, but it was actually pretty interesting to go after the stuff I've learned at TWC - during some of our development and leadership workshops, I found myself constantly making connections to either LEAD or my internship. It sort of gave me a different perspective on learning stuff than I used to have.

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