The Week I Left Washington...and Then Came Back (5/4-5/14)

The Week I Left Washington...and Then Came Back (5/4-5/14)

Apologies for the delayed posting! The past week and change has been a busy one! The semester came to a quick end. One day I was going to work as usual, and the next day I was packing my entire life up. I suppose it's like that every May, though.


The Internship

I was able to still spend a few days at my internship after commencement. Monday and Tuesday were pretty laid-back days. I spent most of my time wrapping up loose ends, cleaning my workstation, and spending my last few days with co-workers. Luckily, good-bye wasn't forever; as I mentioned in my last blog, I will be coming back to work at AFSP this summer! We're hiring a few more interns (two from TWC! The legacy lives on!) so I am looking forward to making the transition from mentee to mentor. Plus, meeting new people is always really cool! Sadly, the office was a little different without my previous roommate, previous co-worker, and always friend, Tracy.


Big things are cooking up at AFSP for the summer though; we've got a huge fundraiser with folk singer Judy Collins on June 10th, and our Annual Advocacy Forum on the 24th-26th! Unfortunately, I won't be running a blog for that period of time, but maybe you will hear from one of the new interns. Either way, it'll be a great time and I am beyond pumped to take part!


In TWC News...

Well, after commencement, my TWC news is kind of done. All of my roommates moved out on Saturday, so the apartment was empty for the rest of the week. It was actually pretty eerie. I have always lived with other people (my family, other college roomies, etc.) so the silence kinda got to me after a while. I did take full advantage of the solitude to totally blast (and sing poorly along to) Taylor Swift, which had previously caused some controversy in our household.


On the less pleasant side of an empty apartment, I was tasked with cleaning the entire thing prior to check-out, including emptying a fully-stocked fridge. Coupled with a lack of decently-sized trash bags, and a 4-story trek down to the parking lot dumpster, this made my Tuesday evening less than fun. Still, I celebrated my empty fridge and last night in TWC by ordering sushi from one of my favorite local eateries (I am SO CRUSHED that my summer housing is too far away from them for delivery). On Wednesday, things were even MORE HECTIC, when my dad got caught up in traffic and couldn't get here until after 12 (which as we know, was the cut-off for getting stuff out of our rooms). I ended up spending a solid hour or so trying to find a temporary home for all my belongings while I waited for my ride, but even then I didn't get everything out in time. Unfortunately, in the madness, I accidentally left a fair bit of stuff behind, but I'm sure my goods will be donated to a nice cause....


Outside Academia AKA Stef's Real Life

Well, now that I was able to go home for a little bit, I guess I do owe you guys some pictures of what my home is actually like. I was able to take a trip down to my university, as well as visit friends and spend time with family (it WAS Mothers' Day after all!).



This is a super neat shot of the woods at my school - they had controlled burnings a while back and here is the line where they ended! Cameo by my good friend, Tim. Charmer, isn't he?



And this is actually where I went to high school! Er, kind of. I went to high school on Sandy Hook in New Jersey, home to the abandoned Fort Hancock. The Hook is literally FULL of abandoned batteries and bunkers like the one pictured above. You aren't really supposed to go in then (don't worry, I didn't!!) but they're definitely cool to look at, and the area surrounding is fun to explore. The battery pictured above is Battery Potter, and funnily enough, there IS a Battery Granger! Although sadly, no Battery Weasely.


Well, that concludes my final blog for the spring semester at TWC! I'm definitely excited to go back to DC tomorrow, and as much as I enjoyed being at TWC, it's going to be really great to not have class or LEAD or anything to worry about. (Yikes, it's almost like I'm an adult or something.)

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