The Week I Explored the Arts (4/20-4/26)Mon

The Week I Explored the Arts (4/20-4/26)Mon

Apologies in advance, dear readers - I was a little busy this week and didn't get the chance to snap many pictures (I promise more for next week!!). Regardless, it was still an exciting week, especially in terms of TWC and my outside exploration activities. As customary, I'll complain about the weather for a little bit; IT NEEDS TO MAKE UP ITS MIND. One day it's perfect sundress weather, the next is winter boots plus a scarf, and the day after that is raining. I thought it was supposed to be in like a lion, out like a lamb....not in like a lion, out like a three-headed dog with multiple personality disorder! (Well, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration).


The Internship

Work was very quiet this week, which was a little weird. Our boss was out all week for personal reasons, and the other people were in and out for various reasons as well. It was a good time to revise some older projects I'd been meaning to get to, as well as make a solid dent in my TWC portfolio (so many pages...). I had to call Shutterfly not once, but twice, this week (AGAIN!) to straighten out the Photobook orders that had gotten messed up. PRO-TIP: Don't do bulk orders of multiple custom items if you can help it. Something always goes wrong...On the bright side, I have been helping to get a lot of work done around the office to plan for our two upcoming events in June. On the 10th, we are having a fundraiser dinner/concert with Judy Collins and the 24th-26th is our Annual Advocacy Forum. I've been putting together materials for both of these events, making phone calls, organizing lists etc. etc. I'm having flashbacks to planning my senior prom, except this time, our party is at the Organization of American States, not the local fancy hotel ballroom.


In TWC News...

Wednesday, I finally got to go to the long-awaited Public Policy dialogue! We met up with Mr. Kirby Mayo, legislative aide to Senator Bob Menendez from my lovely home state of New Jersey. Kirby gave us the low-down on what things are like on the other side of the Hill. He talked to us about how he got into working on the Hill, and what kind of opportunities there are for students in our position. He also discussed a little bit about how life on the Hill works; what sort of things the office deals with every day, what it's like working with the Senator etc. I really have no desire to work in politics at all, but it was definitely a cool experience. Politicians are more often than not given celebrity status, especially in the media, and sometimes it's hard to remember they're real people. Kirby's stories kind of helped to make Congress seem more like "real life" and not just something that I hear about through the news.


Friday was our last big TWC event - Global Citizenship Day! The morning kicked off with some opening remarks from Mr. John Strangfeld, CEO of the Prudential Foundation. I found his remarks interesting because he didn't just drone on about "what it means to be a leader," but rather gave insightful, and "real-world" examples of what leadership means. I also liked the fact that he asked students questions in the beginning and throughout his speech, which made it really seem like he was there to help us, and not just to talk about whatever he wanted. Immediately following the opening remarks, we split off into "breakout sessions," where we discussed various global issues. I had signed up for the Social Responsibility module. I was slightly disappointed in how this panel panned out, however. I had guessed based on the name and description that we would talk about more global social issues such as Women's Rights, Poverty, War, LGBTQA issues etc. However, the overwhelming majority of the discussion was dedicated to discussing "microfinance" and credit. I recognize the important that finance can play in virtually any situation, but the discussion was more geared towards financial and economic systems for communities. The panelists were no doubt knowledgeable in their fields, but it was hard to follow sometimes because they would not always explain technical jargon, and could go on for quite some time. I did, however, get more positive feedback from other modules, so I may have just signed up for one that was uninteresting to me, but not uninteresting overall.


Outside Academia

Despite the fact that I am literally almost always drawing, I am not very "artsy", especially when it comes to the performing arts. However, I did end up seeing two performances this weekend which I did enjoy! On Saturday, I saw American University's Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform a piece entitled "War and Peace." I couldn't always understand what the chorus was singing, but it sounded nice, at any rate. It's really incredible to think about how the musicians can play for essentially two hours with limited breaks between. On Sunday, Tracy and I headed up to Rockville to see our friend perform in a community production of "To Kill a Mockingbird." Generally, when it comes to theatre, I tend to like musicals best, but the show was actually very good! The actors even managed to get down a nice southern drawl without sounding cheesy. Well done!

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