The Week with the eggs and the bunnies (3/30-4/5)

The Week with the eggs and the bunnies (3/30-4/5)

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! (To those who don't, I still hope your weekend was nice). I went home on Friday to spend time with my family and to catch up with some local friends. Oddly enough, the weirdest part about being home was trying to drive a car. In retrospect, I know it's only been about three months since I've driven, but it felt like three years. Don't worry, though - muscle memory kicked in after I got behind the wheel, so no one was harmed...we think.


Now that it's April, my TWC experience has started to wind down - we only have one more SMLS, I signed up for my last Civic Engagement session, and we're working on some final projects for my internship. There's still a month to go, but based on how the rest of the semester has been, I feel like it'll go pretty fast.

The Internship

Monday - Wednesday

You may remember from previous blog entries me complaining about our Congressional booklets - state by state catalogues of every Senator and Representative they have in the 114th Congress. Well, I've got some good news - they're done! HOORAY! I've been able to start some new projects as well - I'm currently working on compiling a comprehensive list of different bills for each state that we need to track, as well as a slightly more exciting project: Photobooks. We decided to gift each of our biggest donors (as well as honored guest speaker, Dr. Jill Biden!!) from our February fundraiser with personalized photobooks. I somehow ended up in charge of this project which is great - I love being able to do artsy projects, which I don't always get to do at work or even school.



Hey, remember how I said those Congressional booklets were done? Turns out I was wrong. So, so wrong. The format that we had created them in is apparently not compatible with our printer - we even had a rep. from the printer company come in and train us how to use it! The short story is we have to re-format the entirety of the booklets (all 55 Congressmen/woman from more), which just goes to show you - always make sure what you're doing is the correct method! In a couple years, this will be a hilarious story. Right now, I want to cry.

In TWC News...

Well, actually, there's not much. Our LEAD Colloquium was pretty light on Friday - and by light, I mean four students. It kind of offered us to have a more in-depth session, which I actually appreciated. We learned about setting SMART goals, which I've actually talked about in other classes/courses at school. What was ironic about it was that I felt this was the most helpful LEAD session thus far - and no one was here for it! I can't really speak though because I missed my Professional Track Meeting to catch a train home (all of the other times were too late...). I am looking forward to Civic Engagement this week though - I've signed up for a session on Women in Politics, and I can't wait to hear about their experiences.


Sorry this week was a short blog - expect many more adventures next week!

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