The Week with all the Fish (3/16-3/22)

The Week with all the Fish (3/16-3/22)

As customary, I'm going to start off my blog with a small blurb about the past week's weather - in short, it can be summarized as "what?" Wake up Friday morning, it's hailing. And yet, Saturday I can walk around comfortably with a tank top. March is such a bizarre month...A friend of mine came down to visit me this weekend, and she's never actually been to DC, so luckily it wasn't too gross out and we could still go outside and enjoy the city!

The Internship

Work has been pretty consistent the last week, so I'm not going to break it up day-by-day. We've had several state capitol days in recent history, which means we've been keeping pretty busy around the office. Preparation can require a number of different things, from compiling materials to ship out, or scheduling appointments with state legislators (I am convinced the entirety of the Ohio state legislature knows me by name at this point). It's a tedious sort of job, but I'm glad that we've been doing it because I feel like it really has improved my phone skills. I used to get nervous just ordering a pizza, but now it doesn't faze me at all! On the other hand, stuffing folders with all our informational packets and data sheets has left me with nothing but paper cuts.

In TWC News...

This week we had our Career Marketing Reflection due, which involved me locating two professionals in my field and having them review my resume with me. I've had my resume looked over a number of times before, but there are always things to be improved. I feel like the comments I received did end up making my resume better - I guess we'll find out when I apply for graduate school next semester!


Friday's LEAD Colloquium was a midterm evaluation of how we've been doing so far - this was probably my favorite session so far, it gave me the chance to talk to some other people and learn about what their experiences were like! Some of the internships other TWC students have are really awesome; I'm extremely happy with AFSP, but I feel like some of the other places would be awesome as well.

Outside Academia

As I mentioned before, my best friend TJ (from high school) came all the way down from Jersey to visit me! She has also never been to DC before, so I tried to take her to some of the most important places AKA the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. TJ is actually a marine science major, so we spent an inordinate amount of time in the Ocean Hall, where I learned far, far too much about fish...We also did get to see the Megalodon jaws, which are probably one of my favorite things in the entire museum. Look at them! This thing lived on our planet once?!


(That's TJ, by the way. Adorable, I know).


Afterwards, we walked around Dupont Circle and grabbed a bite to eat. We also explored Georgetown a bit, but being that we're both on college budgets, we didn't buy that much....

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