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Home Institution: The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Internship Site: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention/SPAN USA

Program: Law and Criminal Justice

Apologies for the delayed posting! The past week and change has been a busy one! The semester came to a quick end. One day I was going to work as usual, and the next day I was packing my entire life up. I suppose it's like that every May, though.   The Internship

As promised, I have TONS of pictures for you guys this week and I am so pumped to share them! After a few weeks of quiet work around the office, we went somewhere really cool almost every day this week. Unfortunately, it was Tracy's last week of work, which was bittersweet, but I am glad it ended on a good note for her. That reminds me - I am excited to let you all know that I have been hired to stay at AFSP over the summer! Since they're hiring other interns as well, I'll be doing a bit of a different job that I'm used to.

Apologies in advance, dear readers - I was a little busy this week and didn't get the chance to snap many pictures (I promise more for next week!!). Regardless, it was still an exciting week, especially in terms of TWC and my outside exploration activities. As customary, I'll complain about the weather for a little bit; IT NEEDS TO MAKE UP ITS MIND. One day it's perfect sundress weather, the next is winter boots plus a scarf, and the day after that is raining.

So, here's a lesson in planning for all you readers at home - it pays to actually look at your schedule and make educated decisions based on what's happening. Awhile back, my school announced that Panic! At the Disco (one of my all-time favorite bands) would be playing my university's spring concert. Naturally, I booked bus tickets home that weekend as fast as I could. For those of you in DC, you're probably well-aware there was another concert this weekend.

Guys! The weather is nice! Like, officially nice! I was able to walk to work without a jacket a couple of days this week, and I even needed sunglasses walking around this weekend. Of course, the Cherry Blossom festival was this weekend which means QUADRUPLE the amount of tourists as usual. I didn't even need to hold a pole to stand on the Metro, I was so tightly squeezed in there. Pros and Cons, I guess. With all that being said, I really am looking forward to the rest of my time in DC, especially with the nice weather.

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! (To those who don't, I still hope your weekend was nice). I went home on Friday to spend time with my family and to catch up with some local friends. Oddly enough, the weirdest part about being home was trying to drive a car. In retrospect, I know it's only been about three months since I've driven, but it felt like three years. Don't worry, though - muscle memory kicked in after I got behind the wheel, so no one was harmed...we think.  

Ahh, springtime. In theory, this would be my favorite season - the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting nicer, etc. Of course, in recent events, only some of these things have actually happened, considering we've been bouncing back and forth between rain, heat, the threat of snow, and severe winds. Luckily, the plants are at least right on schedule. This is simultaneously both great and horrible. It's great because flowers are really pretty and everything smells good.

As customary, I'm going to start off my blog with a small blurb about the past week's weather - in short, it can be summarized as "what?" Wake up Friday morning, it's hailing. And yet, Saturday I can walk around comfortably with a tank top. March is such a bizarre month...A friend of mine came down to visit me this weekend, and she's never actually been to DC, so luckily it wasn't too gross out and we could still go outside and enjoy the city! The Internship

In an extremely welcome change of events, my weekend was actually busier than my work-week - and to top that off, the weather was....well, agreeable. It rained a lot on Saturday which was a huge bummer, but the other days were pleasant enough to be outside. It's hard to believe that the semester is already half over (can you believe it?! HALF?!), but luckily, I've been really enjoying it so far. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to be able to go back to dorm rooms and classes after city-living and working all day.

Well to no one's surprise, I was a liiiiiiittle disgruntled about the snow this week, but luckily it started to get really nice this weekend. I was outside Sunday with just a sweatshirt on! Soon I will be able to go to work and not have to dress like I'm about to head out on an Arctic expedition. (And soon, you will be able to read my blog and not have to listen to me complain about the cold...) The Internship Monday and Tuesday

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