President's Day Long Weekend

President's Day Long Weekend

Part One: Saturday

Happy Birthday Washington!! And a post-happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Hope somebody spoiled you…. and if it not, hope you at least treated yourself. I know I did.

I’ve officially been in D.C. for a month now and it has been the longest, and yet the shortest month of my life. Seriously, I have no idea where the time has gone, but things are beginning to pick up now with work and my classes, so I decided to use this weekend as an opportunity to relax and take a little R&R to prepare for what is yet to come.


So how do you I choose to spoil myself? Grocery shopping. Probably has to be one of the weirdest things to love (don’t judge), but something about grocery shopping is so therapeutic for me. I’ve always been big into eating wholesome, good food, so when I moved here and found out that there are Whole Foods Markets, I immediately liked D.C. 10x more than before. So naturally I chose to spend my Saturday morning grocery shopping at the Whole Foods Market on P Street. Before getting to the market though, I found another way to spoil myself with something I love even more than grocery shopping…coffee.


Just down the street from the Whole Foods Market is Dolcezza, a gelato and coffee shop. If you love coffee as much as I do (and I love it, a lot), Dolcezza is an absolute must. I usually drink plain black coffee, but because it was Valentine’s Day and you should love and spoil yourself, I ordered a soy cappuccino, which was amazing. Not to mention, the café itself had a great cozy atmosphere. 



After my morning of spoiling myself, I came home to a surprise Valentine’s Day gift. Admittedly, I broke down and started crying…again judge-free zone here; I’m a sensitive individual and will cry over anything. I know, it’s pathetic… BUT anyone who has ever done long-distance before knows just how hard it is. Anyways, it was an amazing surprise to come home to, and I now have a beautiful bouquet of flowers to go along with my beautiful apartment here in D.C.



Part Two: Sunday --“treat yo’self” continued.

Sunday afternoon I decided to make my way over to Georgetown to do a little shopping and try the infamous Georgetown Cupcakes.


The only terrible thing about the day was the fact that it was really cold, and really windy; which tells you a lot seeing as I’m from Canada and winter is kind of our thing. Anyways, I made it to Georgetown and definitely plan on going back once the weather warms up! Georgetown is great for shopping and you can pretty much find anything you are looking for. And aside from shopping, it’s got a few great restaurants if you’re looking for somewhere to sit down and eat, and of course, Georgetown Cupcakes …



I spent a couple hours walking around Georgetown and the whole time I was there, this place was lined up out the door. Now I’ve never been much of a cupcake girl, but I figured any place that has had its own television show must be good, and it was. Definitely an item to add to your ‘to-do list’ if you are ever in D.C., and an item to check off of my own personal list!


All in all, it was a great long weekend and I’m happy to say it's not over yet (yay for holiday Mondays!). Monday will definitely be spent sleeping in, and moseying around the apartment.


Hope you enjoyed my adventures from this long weekend!



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