D.C. Bucket List

D.C. Bucket List

This past weekend I took the opportunity to cross a few things off of my bucket list of things I wanted to do here in D.C.

Run the National Mall: check

I kicked it off by doing a 10-mile run around the National Mall and its surrounding area. I’ve seen all of the monuments now on a few occasions, and I don’t know what it is, but every time is different for me. The National Mall almost seems to be of a world all on its own. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day and an amazing run!



See the White House: check

The following week was somewhat less eventful, but I finally got to see the White House! My co-worker and I decided to walk to Georgetown after work, and got to see it in passing, but made sure to snap a couple photos as we walked by. I really wanted to do one of the White House tours, but unfortunately I had no idea it was such an exclusive event that you really need to plan in advance (like 3 weeks to 6 months in advance!). So that bummed me out a bit, but I can at least say that I have seen the White House.


Try Every Cupcake in Georgetown: check

Once we got to Georgetown we decided to make a round to all of the cupcake cafes in Georgetown. Since I had already tried Georgetown Cupcake (see previous blog) I didn’t feel that I needed to try it again. We first stopped off at Baked and Wired…. and the cupcakes there were so, so, so much better. Not only were they better, they were also bigger, and they had a vegan cupcake. This was perfect for me because I have a pretty sensitive stomach when it comes to dairy and sweets, and had it not been labeled as a vegan cupcake, you would have no idea otherwise. Unreal.



After Baked and Wired we headed over to Sprinkles for cupcakes. Now I wouldn’t say it was bad, BUT it has got some tough competition.


Anyways, those were three items I hoped to cross off my bucket list and I would recommend doing every single one of them if you’re in D.C. I hope you all had a great week and hopefully it starts to warm up soon (brrr)!



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