'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

I know I promised I wouldn’t write about any more sad news, but promises are made to be broken, and I would like to dedicate my blog for this week to my oldest sister’s late puppy, Goober.



It makes me very sad to say that he was put down due to some medical issues that he had been having for some time. Sadly, it was not sensible to keep him alive any longer to live through the suffering and pain that his body was causing him. I only wish I was there to say goodbye. Although he was more my sister’s puppy than he was mine, it still does not make it any easier knowing that I won’t see that happy little guy when I go back home.


A little info about Goober!

Goober was a teacup Chihuahua that my sister had come across through an ad, and it was suspected that he came from a home that operated as a puppy mill. He had a number of issues when my sister took him home and overall was not the healthiest. Unfortunately, not a great deal of information about Goober was provided to my sister when she bought him. Regardless, he became a much healthier and happier puppy after she adopted him. For 5.5 years my sister loved and cared for him.


A couple of weeks ago when I volunteered with the Rural Dog Rescue here in D.C., all I could think about was how unfortunate it is to see all of these dogs at the shelter who are in need of a good home. It is even more unfortunate that some of these dogs also come from puppy mills or homes of similar circumstances. Volunteering with them was personally meaningful, and I can’t stress enough the importance of getting involved with local organizations such as the Rural Dog Rescue, to help animals that need it.


I know Goober will be in better place, and I am optimistic that the week will get better.


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