Week Four: The Weather Waits for No One

Week Four: The Weather Waits for No One

This time last year, while I was still on campus at the University of Cincinnati, it was so cold that they canceled school. Unfortunately, the same does not apply for work. As wind chill temperatures dip into the negatives here, us interns must still go to work in the freezing cold. I have learned to dress very warmly. If you guys have ever seen the movie "The Day After Tomorrow," that is how it felt outside (side note: The University of Cincinnati canceled classes all week due to extreme temperatures). So I guess this week's lesson for me was to learn how to dress professionally, yet still be warm; however, the latter may be impossible.


Office Goin' up.... On a Monday

This Monday I went in for what I thought was just a regular, run of the mill start to the week. I got to my desk, did some preliminary work on my weekly report, but then I was in for a treat. One of the partners had brought in champagne for the interns. His reasoning: because it was Monday! I personally can't blame him because who likes Mondays? So at the end of the work day we all had mimosas! You gotta love an office culture that can be serious, but also do stuff such as this. I could not be happier with my internship site!



If you know anything about Cincinnati Bearcat sports it's probably that we do not like Xavier sports. The universities, separated by just a couple exits on I-71 in Ohio, haven't played in three years due to a massive brawl. This year they finally reinstated the game. Wednesday night I got all decked out for the game in UC red and black and headed out to watch. However, we lost by 1 point. 1 POINT!!! To make up for it, we all went to have what our friends from Texas call "the best brisket in town." And they were definitely right. While we were out, a lady recognized my shirt colors and it turns out she was a UC alum too! She invited me to future watch parties. It just goes to show how far your school can actually pull you with connections. The longer that I am here, the more that I am realizing that in this town who you know is key. Connections can land you jobs, they can get you internships, etc. If you know the right people, you will be fine. That is why I am determined to put myself out there, no matter how cold it gets.


Housing Update

Now that I have had a little bit of time with my new roommate, Jose, I have learned a lot about him. First of all Jose is an amazing photographer. As it gets warmer in the coming weeks I will put some pictures up here... but he is "instafamous" with like 6,000 followers (compared to my dismally low number).


Healthy Debating

In Washington the news is front and center for everyone to hear about. I have never been so up on the news in my life. Right now the big thing is immigration reform. You hear about it everywhere. At work, at home, on the streets. EVERYWHERE. When I came home yesterday I thought it would be healthy to start a conversation about what all I thought about immigration reform and have a healthy debate. Well people, let me tell you, it may have turned into an unhealthy debate. Let's just say that I am way more laid back about this stuff than some of the people that I live with... and apparently smiling during a debate is a bad thing? I never knew there were debate rules, but lesson learned.


Update: The house is now peaceful again.


That is it for me this week! I apologize for the lack of pictures. Due to the weather I was not able to get outside very much! More to come in the future, though.

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