Week 7: Snow to Sun - Half Way Done

Week 7: Snow to Sun - Half Way Done

If you're like me, winter is the worst part of the year. Seasonal depression is alive and well, especially in Washington--where the wind chill this semester has gotten below zero degrees at some points! Walking to work was definitely not a breeze (see what I did there?). There are ups and downs, however. For example, the federal government is notorious for shutting down due to a very minimal amount of snow/bad weather. So when the snow comes, you can expect most of the city to be shut down. This has happened at least once per week since my arrival.


Lucky for me, without the government my internship closes down as well. This past week's snow day was used to catch up on sleep, get some much needed work done, and for snow ball fights, of course. What is a good snow without an even better snowball fight? If you are a frequenter of my blog you would be amused to hear that all interesting characters from my house were out for the fight, including the infamous Turks who live upstairs! Sometimes, I struggle to understand what they say, but wow do they make a good snowball! The snow days made for a good time with as we bonded after the outdoor play with some Turkish cuisine, Raki (a drink that has been dubbed the "Drink of the Strong" and is the national drink of Turkey), and, of course, some soccer!



Selfie of the Week

Guess what's back?! You guessed it, the selfie of the week. This is in front of the Supreme Court, as I walked through the Capitol on Sunday. It was awesome to actually be able to go outside for a change.



If you've never toured or the seen the Capitol, I highly suggest doing so. I had the privilege of being invited to the Speaker's Balcony on a private tour (amazing what connections will get you) and being able to see some of the private offices of the Capitol was unforgettable. It is one of the most beautiful structures in Washington, and the iconic lit up image is unforgettable. I took the picture (below) during the day we had off for snow, and had to share! Hopefully the cherry blossoms will start to appear soon!



I can never get enough of this city!

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