TWC Last Day

TWC Last Day

Dear Everyone,


First of all I would like to say that it has been a pleasure blogging about my experience for you. It was sincerely a great experience for me and I hope that you have gotten some helpful insight as to what life is like as a student at The Washington Center. I am writing this today as I sit waiting for commencement to start. It is funny to think that just a couple of months ago I was sitting in this seat not knowing what to expect. Would I enjoy the program? How was the D.C. professional life going to be? Would I even like it here? Well, I can tell you right now that my experience was very positive. My internship environment could not have been any better. I genuinely enjoyed getting up and going to work every day. I liked where I was, at the Potomac Advocates. I certainly enjoyed the city itself as well. Washington, D.C. is a city I will always hold dear, and hopefully a city I will be able to return to in the future. There is never any shortage of things to do and to see, or people to talk to. And that is just the way I like it.


In short--I suggest if you have the chance, take it. This is a wonderful opportunity full of ups, downs, and tons of different adventures. Life for me is about testing myself. Taking chances and risk to see how far I can actually go. And I still have not hit my limits yet. There is much more to come.


To all my readers: Good luck with everything your future holds. Whether you come to the Washington Center or not, take risks and push yourself every day. If you don't, you truly will not know what you are capable of.





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