The TWC Grind

The TWC Grind

Being a TWC intern who doesn't live near where the programming occurs requires some critical time management skills. Get up at this time, leave at this time, walk this fast, avoid the Starbucks you pass, etc... So why can't the Metro work with me here?!! See example below. Every Thursday night I have my TWC Academic Course at the RAF; it ends around 9:00 p.m. However, the subway waits for no one. The struggle is real.



After a long train ride, however, TWC came through in the clutch for some awesome afternoon programming! My international affairs track had a presentation at the U.S. Institute of Peace where just last week the Afghan Prime Minister held a discussion during his trip to D.C.! It was interesting to hear about all of their peace-keeping strategies and how they train different groups of soldiers and civilians on just how to keep the peace when they are abroad. My LEAD Professional Track Programming while at TWC has been one of the most influential experiences I could ask for. Each week we have a quality presentation from a respected professional in our field. It just goes to show the kind of connections this program really has here in the area.



Finally I would like to acknowledge that my internship class at The Potomac Advocates finally did it. We finally made it. There is a wall at the internship site that has pictures of every previous class of interns that they have ever had. It was always a mystery as to when our picture would finally go up on the wall, but this week... This was the week. And what better people to be put up on a wall with?


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