Spring Break 2K15

Spring Break 2K15

During the school year I always look forward to weekends, "reading days," or any kind of break. The time away from everything really helps me to refresh and start anew on Mondays (oh, the dreaded Mondays). Unfortunately, the professional world doesn't work this way. No Christmas break, no winter break, and no summer break. How else am I going to soak up the sun in the office? You're right... I'm not. Not that I don't love where I work, because I do. However, not being able to get away and recharge my batteries is something that really made the days drag on the past couple weeks.


Lucky for me, however, my girlfriend and best friends were free and made the trip down to D.C. for the week. We even rented an apartment for the five of us to stay in!


My Week

When I say apartment... I am using that term very loosely, because even though we had the whole place to ourselves, this place was no more than a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The bare essentials for an apartment that was hovering under 200 square feet. If I had not loved all the people living there with me for the week, I don't know if I could have done it. But we made the best of it. My week consisted of walking, exploring, and spending quality time with some of the most important people in my life. It was a real shame that I actually didn't have a break, though, because while I worked, my friends and girlfriend had the time of their lives. Now you see why my workdays went by so slowly.


One of the highlights of my time with all of them was getting to see a lot of the city that I haven't yet due to the weather. My girlfriend and I took a day and cruised around Old Town Alexandria. Checking out all the old shops, eateries, and views was very eye-opening. Not all of Washington is go, go, go all of the time. Old Town had a small town feel to it... sort of like being back home. It was a simple reminder that slowing down and being away from the city is something that everyone should do from time to time.



While at work this week, I was struggling. A project that one of the partners had given me is very very confusing. He just gave it to me and expected me to know what was going on. That was far from the case, as I'm analyzing over 1,000 pages of data. So what did I do to solve the problem?... Absolutely nothing. I left it to do for tomorrow. How else does a procrastinator like me handle that situation? But I'll get it done. I just need some inspiration and last week was definitely not my week.


So, back to my friends: we were looking for something different to do. We've all seen all the monuments, most of the tourist attractions. What else was there to see? Thinking logically the answer was simple: the Smithsonian Zoo. We got to see some animals and "monkey around" (get it?). So we made the trip up and boy did we see some animals. Elephants, Pandas, Monkeys. You name it, this zoo had it. It was really awesome to just be able to walk right in. Being a Smithsonian-owned entity, it is free to the public. If you're ever in D.C. I strongly suggest the experience.




The best part of this week was \being able to go back to our rented apartment and just hang out with the crew that visited. Going to different universities (plus moving hundreds of miles away from each other) left a lot of catching up to do. Experimenting with different food and drink combinations, telling stories, playing cards. What better to do with your friends in an apartment the size of your pinky toe?


It was a great SB2k15. I soaked up the sun with these animals and my girl!



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