Networking... It's of the utmost importance

Networking... It's of the utmost importance

Hey folks!


Wanted to take a moment to talk about something that is probably one of the most important aspects of an intern's time here in D.C. I'm talking about socializing (networking). I realize that most of my blog has just covered my experience here, but I wanted to write something with a little more meaning and provide advice to my readers (hopefully you think it's something good!).


Today was the second-to-last-day of my internship. As a token of appreciation, one of the associates took some of us interns who were free out for a drink and some appetizers at a local establishment. While there we were chatting about nothing in particular. And then we got to talking about our experience. The associate touched on something that really resonated with me. He said that some people just come here as interns to see what it is like. And that is fine. But other people who come here want to stay, and the most effective way to stay is to socialize with people, get to know different people, and establish a line of communication in order to form a connection. Networking is the way business is done in Washington. Without it, a lot of folks would be out of a job. Especially the people in my firm who use networking every day.


The Washington Center will push you to socialize and network, but it is up to YOU as an individual to establish those connections. Here in Washington I have expanded my interpersonal skills just simply by trying to connect and talk with different people. And that's what is most fun about this city. Everyone was in an intern's position at one point or another... trying to break into their respective industry. And that makes them see something in us. People here are more willing, and wanting for that matter, to talk to anyone and offer them advice about their field, their career, or the city in general. That is something that I will surely miss.


(Don't worry, I'll miss my readers too)!



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