Less Sleep, More Work

Less Sleep, More Work

Looking back to the first day of orientation, staff at The Washington Center had a lot to say. But if there was one thing that held true it was when Dr. Jenna Dell told us that we "would not have a lot of time for sleep this semester." She was right. As we come down to the wire here, my internship, along with the copious amounts of schoolwork, has created an environment for lack of sleep, lots of caffeine, and one worn-out Taylor.


There have been some fun and games along the way this week. On Wednesday the office took all of us interns to the Nationals' game. It was cold and a little drizzly, but I stuck through the whole game, even when the Nats lost and Harper went 0-4. Not to mention Strasburg gave up 6 earned runs. Yeah I do sports, bet you all didn't know that, eh??? You really cannot go wrong with a ball game, some peanuts, and an ice cold one. And no I'm not talking about my seat--it wasn't that cold! Ha!



While interning here I have heard that the monuments at night take on a much different ambience. But I wanted to see for myself. Friday night around midnight some friends and I rented bikes and rode all around the city, going from monument to monument. It definitely had a different feel to it--there were hardly any people on the streets, and even fewer at the monuments. Just seeing the way the illumination of light against the harsh contrast of the outside world hit the monuments really resonated with me. Yes they are beautiful...but the later it gets, the more astonishing these pieces of art become.




It is an exciting time here in Washington, as time winds down with each day we are closer and closer to the Commencement of our TWC Program!

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