Chef Tay... Where has the time gone??

Chef Tay... Where has the time gone??

If there has been one defining lesson learned during my time here in Washington, it is that I will never have enough time to do everything that I wish to accomplish. I came in with a lot of goals. They ranged from learning how to cook, to tying a bow tie and included some more complicated goals, too. Learning to speak Portuguese and finishing all of the supplemental research I have to do before I head to Europe for the first weeks of summer, for instance. So far, with the time commitments I owe to TWC events, work, and actually having a social life I have done about as much as the 113th Congress. However, I have become quite the chef if I do say so myself.


Check it out, I made mini veggie pizzas ---->



Learning how to cook has definitely brought ups and downs. I've burned food, let it expire, and cooked some pretty awful tasting things. But I have also made some awesome recipes and it is a skill that will last me for the rest of my life. And to think I owe it all to having to eat out less as an unpaid intern! Being unpaid has perks, I guess!


As time has gone by, however, the weather has progressively gotten better. So good, in fact, that I make the 1.5 mile walk from my place to work and back every day. Talk about a healthy work out! It is great to be able to take in the outside world every morning, rather than being stuck within the depths of the underground (the Metro).


And if anyone heard anything at all about the subway.... it's true. Due to D.C. budget constraints the elimination of the underground Metro system will take place May 2nd of this year following the complete overhaul of the entire city - per a reliable source...




Did I get ya'? I was overly cautious about all of the "hilarious" pranksters today. My supervisor texted all of us interns early this morning saying we should bring in cream cheese and anything else that we would want to put on bagels--because he was bringing in a bunch for us. Of course I was "sure" that this was some cruel ploy to make us interns look silly. It seemed like the perfect prank. To confirm my assumptions, I asked him to send a picture to the group. I patiently waited on the arrival of the picture before grabbing my cream cheese out of the fridge and heading to work. However the picture did not come... in time, at least. Instead, as I was almost to work, a picture with Kevin and a ton of bagels arrived! And I had not brought my cream cheese. Oh the travesty! In response to my skepticism, the former offensive lineman who is my supervisor had this to say, "I used to be 300 pounds. I NEVER joke about food." Don't judge a book by its cover, folks.



Living away from everyone at TWC has really made me realize what a great opportunity I have missed out on. Although my place is cheaper, how does that factor in the value of the potential connections and friendships I could have made if I had lived in the NoMa district with everyone else? It sure does seem like I miss out on some good opportunities now and then. However, I could not have asked for a better pair of roommates. We are like the Three Musketeers. But just look at this view from Elevation (Washington Center residences). For every situation there is give and take. The problem is figuring out which scenario is best!



- Taylor

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