T — 2 weeks

T — 2 weeks

I fly home in two weeks and I have a lot to accomplish before I go! Between wrapping up projects at my internship, writing papers and pulling together my final portfolio for The Washington Center, and doing last-minute tourist things, I barely have time to watch Netflix!


The Portfolio

Compiling my portfolio has been a very large, but exciting task. It has given me the opportunity to really look at all the work I have accomplished at my internship and to see it all in one place. It makes me even more appreciative of the incredible experience I have had at the Center for Responsible Travel and in Washington, D.C. I know this internship will definitely make me stand out from the crowd of graphic designers and pay off when I start job hunting!


My Portfolio

A spread from my portfolio.



The Washington Center offers several activities after work and on the weekends that interns can sign up to participate in. This weekend I went on a group picnic to Teddy Roosevelt Island for Global Citizenship Day, a celebration of Earth Day. Why Teddy Roosevelt Island? Well, Roosevelt was passionate about nature and conservation and started the national park program in the United States. We have him to thank for the beautiful parks across the country that have been preserved and protected against industrial development.


Teddy Roosevelt Memorial

Teddy Roosevelt Monument


The island is on the Potomac River between Washington, D.C. and Arlington, VA. It features a monument to Teddy Roosevelt and several hiking trails. The spot is little known to tourists, so it was nearly empty! It was so peaceful to walk along the trails without a horde of people in front and behind me. It was also just nice to be in a wooded area again - I miss my Winona, MN bluffs!


Final Culture Lunch

We had our last culture lunch at my internship site this week. The intern from South Korea gave her presentation and brought food from a Korean restaurant, of which there are not many in D.C.! She brought a variety of seaweed-wrapped rolls, dumplings, and soup with rice cakes. The dish I found most interesting was a bowl of various ingredients - cucumbers, meat, rice, etc. - separated by color. On top, in the center, was a fried egg. The intern told us that this means harmony. I thought it was really cool that they put so much thought and meaning behind their food! Everything was delicious, of course, and her presentation was fascinating.


Korean food

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