Officially an Alum of TWC

Officially an Alum of TWC

On Friday, May 1, I became an official alumnus of The Washington Center. The commencement ceremony was very inspiring and ended the semester-long experience on a positive note. My supervisor was in attendance to receive an award that she won from my nomination. Now I have five days to be a tourist before I fly back to Minnesota!



With all of our portfolios and papers turned in, we were able to truly relax and reflect on our experiences this semester at commencement. The student speaker who opened the program spoke about fear and how afraid she was for her first few weeks in Washington, D.C. We all felt afraid of the unknown when we arrived 15 weeks ago, but we all found ways to overcome those fears and make it to commencement. That in itself is a great accomplishment!


Thanking My Supervisor

This year The Washington Center sponsored an award for internship supervisors for the first time. I nominated my supervisor because she was such a wonderful person to work with and I felt that she took a personal interest in helping me achieve my goals and wanting to see me succeed. I also nominated her because she united our very multicultural office with frequent culture lunches, which I have written about in past posts. These lunch presentations helped everyone in my office get to know each other better by learning about each other's backgrounds, which helped us work together more efficiently.


My supervisor and I at commencement


I was extremely excited to hear that my supervisor won the nomination! I was given the opportunity to introduce her at commencement and present her with a beautiful plaque. I'm glad TWC created this award because I think supervisors are the people who have the most influence on the interns and may even be the reason an intern chooses to either take their career in a certain direction, or go to graduate school, or even something else. I think it's wonderful that TWC has recognized the need to award the supervisors for the incredible work they do and I'm honored that my supervisor could be the very first to receive this award.


Packing Up

I have the whole weekend to play tourist before I head back to Minnesota! This will give me plenty of time to get those last few things checked off my list. I am so excited to go home, but I will miss Washington, D.C. I will miss the free museums, the huge variety of restaurants, and being able to walk down the street to the grocery store! Perhaps I will be back, someday. My future plans are to finish school and start working in Minneapolis, but who knows where the road might take me!


Museum of the Week

I visited the International Spy Museum today and it was a really fun, interactive experience! You can choose your cover identity and take a test to see if you would pass or be captured when questioned. The exhibits exposed the secret side to history and showed all the people who were pulling strings behind the scenes. They also showed the huge variety of equipment, cameras, and bugs and how spies concealed them in ordinary objects. This was quite a fascinating walk through the dark side of history and I highly recommend it! Also, if you are a James Bond fan, you can't miss the Bond villains exhibit!


A ninja at the International Spy Museum


A ninja at the International Spy Museum

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