Crafting My Internship Experience

Crafting My Internship Experience

My semester at the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has given me the opportunity to gain a large amount of experience with social media. I was in charge of the social media efforts during our crowdfunding campaign, I am working on designing a Facebook contest, and this week I gave a presentation about what I have learned and what I think CREST can do to strengthen their brand and reach a wider audience. Gaining experience with using social media to promote a business was one of my goals going into the semester, so it’s been incredible to have so much direct influence over my organization’s social media.


Doing the Research

Experience is great, but learning a new skill takes a lot of research as well. When I was preparing for the crowdfunding campaign and the upcoming Facebook contest, I did a lot of research about social media best practices. I learned the best days and times to post on Facebook (Thursday and Friday, 1-3pm) and Twitter (weekend afternoons), what types of posts generally receive the most engagement (pictures/infographics), and so much more.


Social media infographic, my design

Infographic about social media that I made using Canva.


I’ve found that LinkedIn groups are a fantastic source of information and references to articles and opportunities to learn more about social media. I participated in a free webinar that I found through a LinkedIn group and it turned out to be the most valuable piece of research I came across. This webinar, instructed by Nonprofit Tech for Good, walked listeners through the process of developing a social media campaign for a nonprofit organization. I currently work at a nonprofit and I can see myself working at nonprofits in the future, so I paid extra attention to this webinar and it definitely paid off! By the end, I was excited and inspired to develop a social media strategy for CREST.


Giving the Presentation

I gave my presentation to my supervisors and fellow interns at work this week, and received great responses from everyone! I discussed what CREST can do to improve upon the social media platforms they are currently engaged on, such as branding images with their logo and creating infographics in Canva, a fantastic and free program. I also discussed the social media platforms I think the organization should take advantage of to reach a wider audience, namely Pinterest and Instagram.


Giving my presentation


This presentation was a great experience for me because I have never given a formal presentation outside of a classroom. I found presenting to my co-workers much more relaxing than presenting to my peers, perhaps because I have grown to know them so well over the course of the semester. I spend the majority of every day with them, after all! So this was an excellent opportunity to improve upon my public speaking skills. I am also proud of this presentation because it was a project that I created for myself completely on my own, with no suggestion from either of my supervisors. This will definitely be one of the projects that I talk up in future job interviews!

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