Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy

We're getting down to the wire now. I officially complete my internship two weeks from today! It seems like each day adds a new project to my list of things to get done before April 30th! I feel like over the course of my entire life, with all the effort I've put into refining my time management skills, I've been preparing for the upcoming two weeks. I'm already looking forward to May 1st, when I can sit down at commencement and breathe a sigh of relief!


Work Work Work

My internship has been a whirlwind of new and exciting projects! I recently launched a Facebook contest that has generated a lot of engagement already. (Visit CRESTravel on Facebook for details - you could win a trip to Vermont!) My organization recently conducted a study on bird tourism in four countries, so I have been working on creating infographics and designing the layout for fact sheets that will be published and distributed to tourism organizations in those countries and in the US.


Bird graphics, my designs


I designed these bird graphics. Each country's fact sheet will have a unique bird based on photographs of birds I viewed from that country.


Bird tourism infographic, my design

I designed this bird tourism infographic, which gives an overview of what is reported in the study.


I also have a few papers to write for The Washington Center and for my academic course before Commencement. I'm glad I got a few of these started or even finished early; that has really lightened the load!


Culture Lunch

This week the intern from Mexico gave her presentation about her culture and brought food in for everyone at work. She actually cooked everything herself, I was so impressed! We had tacos, gorditas, guacamole, rice milk, and more. Everything was so delicious! She talked about her state and how important tourism is to their economy. A large portion of the population is employed by the tourism industry where she comes from. She lives very near the coast and showed us a video with beautiful pictures of the ocean and the beaches. I was a little jealous!


Mexican food


I'm heading to Teddy Roosevelt Island with The Washington Center this weekend for an Earth Day celebration picnic. Check back in for photos!

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