The West Wing Comes to The Washington Center

The West Wing Comes to The Washington Center

Hi all! Welcome back. I know I've been slacking on high's and low's, so hear you go!


My high of the week came rather unexpectedly. On Saturday night, my girlfriend and I were out for one of her friends birthday's at a bar called Madhatter. I had been there once before on a Thursday, which featured $1 Beers, reasonably loud music, and room to actually move. However, on Saturdays it is a different kind of place. Blaring music, way overcrowded, and an array of strange people just made for a bad time. However, after we left, we popped into a bar called The Big Hunt. It was a pretty strange place with it's safari theme but I loved it. It was much quieter and featured music that was much more my speed and we were even able to find seats. I highly recommend for anyone just looking to unwind with a a quiet drink!


My bad luck with pants has continued and is the topic of my low. At the office on Monday, a colleague and I were playing with a stress ball he keeps on his desk. The ball got away from him and rolled under the desk of the spare cubicle in the office which features an office chair. One of the arms of this office chair is missing it's arm cover, revealing a sharp, metal rectangle. As I went to sit in the chair and retrieved the ball, my pants caught on this metal rectangle and were ripped open at my left thigh. Thankfully, the rip was small and not at an unfortunate place and I didn't slice my thigh open. Nonetheless, I lost my second pair of pants  in the month of March. Here's hoping April is kinder to my wardrobe!

The Hole in my Pants



Real-Life Josh Lymans

My parents always tell me my interest in politics started when I would watch The West Wing with them as a child. For those of you who don't know, The West Wing is a political drama that aired in the early 2000s. For anyone who considers themselves a fan of politics, you have to watch this show. It's much different than House of Cards and in my opinion better. Anyway, my favorite character in the show was Josh Lyman, who began as Deputy Chief of Staff to the President and by the end of the show was the Chief of Staff. When I decided that politics was what I wanted to do with my life, Josh was who I set out to be. So when I found out that three Chiefs-of-Staff were coming to TWC - 2 from presidential administrations and one of a First Lady - I was very excited to say the least.


This past Friday was the second of three Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series. It featured Ken Duberstein, Chief of Staff for Ronald Reagan's final year, Mack McLarty, Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton's first year, and Anita McBride, Chief of Staff for Laura Bush. The three offered amazing insight into what it is like to serve in the presidential administration from a very personal level. They focused on the transitions from one president to another and the difficulties it poses and spoke on how the Presidents and First Lady they respectively served dealt with the extreme criticism that came from constantly being in the national spotlight. A few things I found particularly interesting was the advice each offered for the final two years of President Obama's final term and the idea that "despite all the partisan rancor, we still have a strong democracy." I certainly hope they're right.


However, easily the coolest part of the panel was Mr. Duberstein recanting the story behind Ronald Reagan's famous speech at the close of The Berlin Wall. Mr. Duberstein spoke about how everyone who read the speech told President Reagan it was a great speech except for one line and after toying with the idea of cutting it, President Reagan declared that he was the boss and decided to keep it. And what do you know? The line turned out to be the most famous line of his presidency: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" What an amazing story and piece of history!




After hearing these three chiefs talk, it still seems like a fascinating job, albeit one in which I would be incredibly busy. All I know is that someday, I really hope to serve in a presidential administration in some way.


As always, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.

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