A Week of Tough Losses, New Hope, and Reunions

A Week of Tough Losses, New Hope, and Reunions

Hey everyone. Welcome back to my blog. I hope that wherever you are, spring has finally found you as the temperature in the District finally seems to be staying above 60. As always, I'll start with high's and low's that focus on my bittersweet week regarding sports.


My low of the week came on Saturday night and involves the NCAA Tournament. Up to this point, I had been leading the bracket pool at my office since the first weekend. Unlike most pools, there was no money on the line, just office pride. Going in to the final weekend, I had a lot of confidence in my bracket's ability to pull out the victory and give me bragging rights with my Civic colleagues. This all came to a crashing halt when Wisconsin knocked of Kentucky Saturday in the Final Four. I had picked Kentucky to win it all and if they had done so I would have been the victor. Alas, it was not meant to be and I finished 3rd (out of 7).


However, my high of the week came over the weekend with the start of baseball season. I know many Millennials are drifting away from America's past time but I love baseball more than any other sport. As a die-hard Red Sox fan, loving baseball is not always easy but I've got a lot of hope that the Sox will go from worst to first to worst and back to first again this year. I'm also really excited that I'm a quick (and cheap) train ride away from Camden Yards, since the Sox and Orioles play pretty often throughout the year. Go Sox!


A Week of Reunions

Throughout the past week, I had the opportunity to reunite with friends and family from all over. This began last Wednesday when a friend whom I met in Belgium was in the District. He went to school and lives in Chicago, so I had not seen him since returning to the States. So to celebrate this great reunion, me, my friend, my girlfriend, and her roommate who was also abroad with us, went to a bar called Churchkey located near Logan Circle in the NW quadrant of D.C. The bar was really cool and the company was even better, which made for an awesome night! Then, on Thursday, a friend of mine from Saint Joseph's stopped in D.C. on her travels to the University of Maryland. The two of us and my girlfriend went for dinner and then roamed the city for a little since the weather was finally cooperative.


After a couple of reunions in the District, it was time for me to head home for the Easter weekend. However, getting back to Scranton from Washington, D.C. (and really anywhere) without a car is a bit of a challenge. There is not train station in Scranton, although there is a train museum, which is pretty ironic. Anyway, I hopped on an Amtrak train and stopped in Philly for a couple hours and caught up with some great friends at school while waiting for my dad to pick me up and drive me the remaining two hours home to Scranton. Once back in Scranton, the reunions didn't stop. Not only did I get to hang with some of my good friends and my parents, I also got the chance to see another buddy from Belgium who, coincidentally, lives in the hometown next to me. Finally, Easter brought possibly the best reunion of all: I was able to spend some time with family. Easter always brings about my extended family for the only time of the year, which is always joy even if a lot of this "extended family" isn't truly family but oh well. It is great to see them nonetheless.


I feel truly fortunate to have had the chance to reunite with so many friends and my family over the past week. It certainly has helped me return to D.C. rejuvenated and ready for what my final weeks here bring. Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!

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