Stories, Senators, and Cherry Blossoms

Stories, Senators, and Cherry Blossoms

Welcome back, everybody! I'll get you started with some highs and lows.


My low of the week has to do with the Red Sox (sorry for all you non-baseball fans but the Red Sox will probably be popping up more and more). Although it was a good opening week for the Sox who went 4-2, Sunday was a rough night. My roommate and another friend gathered in our apartment for Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, where the Sox were playing the Yankees. I was excited because the Red Sox had the opportunity to sweep the Yankees, which is always a great feeling. However, my excitement quickly disappeared after Red Sox pitcher (and member of my Fantasy Baseball team) gave up 7 runs in the first inning. After this point, the Yankees led the whole game and eventually won 14-4. As my roommate put it: "This is a beating!" Thanks, Ricardo.


My high of the week occurred at work. Civic Enterprises is currently working on their annual Building a Grad Nation, a report that details the progress the country has made on the high school dropout problem. This week, our president and CEO John Bridgeland, decided that he wanted to interview two students who went to low-performing schools - one who graduated and one who did not. The cool part was that Bridge asked me to interview them with him and write up the piece that will go into the report. It was amazing to hear the stories of these two former students had to go through, both of whom are successful today. It truly put into perspective how lucky I've been. It was also exciting to be handed a project like this and be able to contribute to the report. I hope to have more of these opportunities in the future!


A Friday Full of the Media and Founders

This past Friday was the final panel in SMLS at TWC. The panel consisted of Rachel Smolkin (Executive Editor of CNN Politics), Alexis Simendinger (White House Correspondent for Real Clear Politics), and Michael Steele (Former Lt. Governor of Maryland and Former Chairman, Republican National Ccommittee). The speakers were all very interesting and shared with us their views on the 2016 primaries and eventual general election, specifically focusing on the role of media in elections and the evolution of the GOP field. I greatly enjoyed the Simpson-Mineta Leadership Series that TWC hosted. They offered me a chance to learn and grow my perspective on foreign policy, the Office of the President, and media in United State's politics. They were definitely an added bonus of this program.


Later that evening, I attended Catholic University's Founder's Day Ball with my girlfriend. It is their annual ball to commemorate the founding of the University. I had a great time. I mean, what's better than getting really dressed up and going to hang and dance with friends, right? I'd say almost nothing.


Taking Time to Explore the District

This past weekend was the Cherry Blossom Festival in the District, which brought with it thousands upon thousands of tourists, but it also made an already nice city even more beautiful. I haven't spent a lot of time outside lately due to both inclement weather and just being busy so I decided to go for a long walk on Saturday. So, I left the RAF located in NoMa and embarked on a walk to the Tidal Basin, which is said to be the best place to take in the Cherry Blossoms. The area around the Tidal Basin was absolutely swamped with people but the journey was amazing and produce some awesome pictures that you can see below. The walk was about 6 miles in total and took me nearly three hours to complete, due to stops and the large crowds. I also decided to take a detour and stop and grab Chinese on the way back. It may have taken a while but it was well worth it.


I've got to tell you all a bit about this Chinese place I stopped at. It was called Hunan Dynasty and is located on Pennsylvania Ave, SE, about 10 blocks or so from the RAF. The inside is pretty swanky for a Chinese place and featured some pretty cool fish, but the funniest/most interesting part was the fact that the entrance was covered with pictures different Senators and Representatives eating there, including Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania, Representative John Lewis, Secretary John Kerry, and the former Senator and Secretary of State/current presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Judging by the fact that there were about six pictures of Senator Chuck Schumer and five of everyone else, I'd say Hunan Dynasty has got to be his favorite restaurant!


The Tidal Basin Covered by People





Thanks for checking in everyone! I hope you enjoyed it. Check back next week for more.

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