On Snow and Skeletons

On Snow and Skeletons

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I'll get you started off with some highs and lows again.


Well my low, once again, is the snow playing havoc with my work week. This week I had two snow days. The first, on Monday, was due to an ice storm that ended by 6 o' clock Sunday Evening but yet, for some unknown reason, the city failed to salt many of the streets and sidewalks. So by Monday morning, the entire District was a sheet of ice. The second snow day was on Thursday, which was really frustrating because I was slated to attend a pretty cool event. I have mentioned that Civic Enterprises does work with National Service in past blogs. Last Thursday the Strengthening the National Service to Employment Pipeline convening was supposed to take place at The Aspen Institute. The convening was a part of the Employer's of National Service (EONS) initiative, which seeks to get companies, cities, and even states to recognize the valuable skills of National Service alums (from programs like Peace Corps or AmeriCorps) in the hiring process. There are over 170 EONS already signed up and the convening was supposed to bring them together for a discussion on where to go next and how to continue to grow the initiative. However, due to the snow, the event was postponed to a date to be determined. Fingers crossed I'm still in the District when the event finally takes place.


My high was the fact that a good friend of mine from back home in Scranton came to visit me. He got in on Friday and we spent the weekend exploring some of the places D.C. has to offer.


Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fossils

Friday, the two of us got a brunch from a place on H Street called Boundary Road. I've got to say, I highly recommend their Quish with fries and siracha mayo. It was delicious. Later that evening, we went out in China Town to a Mexican place (I know, seems strange) called Oyamel because my friend had heard they have the best Margaritas. The place was a bit expensive, but the reviews were not exaggerating - the margaritas were fantastic. They also had some tasty nachos and salsa you can eat at the bar. TWCers, it is a tad pricey but if you're in the mood for some Mexican food or some good cocktails, I'd recommend it!


On Saturday, before heading to some Museums in the Mall, we went and saw the White House. Although this is my third time seeing the White House, it is always pretty amazing. Also for the first time, I noticed the Eisenhower Executive building for the first time. I have no idea how I missed it before because it is a huge building, even larger than the White House. It is also incredibly impressive, with very cool architecture and canons at the entry way to top it off.


Following that, we went to the National Museum of Natural History, which I had never been to. I really enjoyed the museum. It has a lot of great exhibits, and truthfully you could spend an entire day just wandering around. The museum is home to arguably the most famous diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond. It is unlike any diamond I've ever seen and has a blue tint. I didn't know there were diamonds that were different colors until Saturday! The museum also has a large mammal section, a mummy display, and some stunning photographs of nature. However, my favorite exhibit was without a doubt the dinosaur museum. It brought me back to when I was much younger. You see, the first career I ever wanted to pursue was an archaeologist. I used to dig in my back yard as a kid hoping I would find dinosaur bones and every time I would find a white rock, I'd run back inside as excited as can be. On Saturday, I realized that my nerd love for dinosaurs and archaeology are absolutely still there. I couldn't take my eyes away from all the different fossils. And for anyone who is wondering, my favorite dinosaur has always been a brachiosaurus (they're the ones with the long necks). Apparently there is an even larger fossil exhibit coming soon. I can't wait to go back!



Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed. Keep your eyes peeled for my midterm ratings on different aspects and places of D.C. in the next week or so!

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