Running Around & Wrapping Up

Running Around & Wrapping Up

Hi Everyone! The past week has been a pretty chaotic time for me so I figured I'll give you a quick recap of what I've been up to!


This past week has been about wrapping up different things and even featured a commencement! The craziness began last Monday when immediately after work I had to hop on a train to head towards Philadelphia. As I've mentioned (probably to an annoying degree), I have been writing an Honors Thesis all semester. Well, part of a thesis is successfully defending it and last Tuesday I was scheduled to do so. So, Monday night I arrived in Philly at about 9 o'clock for what was a busy 24 hours. That night, I went and got a drink at a bar my buddy was working at and who I also happened to be staying with. Then, we went back to his apartment and caught up on what's been going on in our lives and also our favorite TV shows (currently Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley).


The nest day was far busier. I woke up early and had some work to do to finish up my Defense presentation that was scheduled for 3:30. It was really difficult to hide and do work, especially knowing all my friends who I hadn't seen in some time were so close. I was able to grab lunch with them and then it was time for my thesis defense. Although I had to make some final adjustments this past week, my defense was successful! It was such a great feeling walking out of that room knowing that I was just about done with my thesis, something I had been working on since February of last year. While it was a rewarding experience and I learned a lot, I was VERY ready to be done with it.


After stopping at the local SJU bar to celebrate for a bit with $2 Blue Moons, I hopped on my train back to the District to wrap up the remainder of my TWC work. The end of the semester really snuck up on me and the end of the week we were very busy. As a final project at TWC, we must get all the work we have completed during the semester, including samples from our class and internship as well as all the reflections we've written, and then have them compiled and bound together. All this had to be in by Friday, so I frantically worked to finish up my assignments and put them together. I was able to run to Staple's on Thursday during my lunch break to bound the final portfolio.


A side note for any readers thinking about doing this program in the future, I know people have mentioned a few different places to get their portfolio's bound. I heard people mention that it cost them upwards of $15. My advise: go to Staple's!!! I was in and out of the store in 10 minutes and it cost me $4.50. I walked out in my head thinking, "Man Staple's, that was easy!"


After getting the Portfolio bound, I was finally done with my work for the semester (all my undergrad career - crazy!).  I handed it all in Friday and then headed to commencement. Not my graduation commencement, but TWC's very own commencement. It was a really nice ceremony, filled with speeches from fellow TWC colleagues and some notable alums, including a senior advisor to Rep. Nancy Pelosi. It truly was a great way to wrap up the program. One commencement down, one to go!


Thanks, everyone, for reading. I know this blog wasn't always the most entertaining. Check back in a couple day's for a recap of my final weekend, the end of my internship and reflections of the semester!

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