Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Hi Everyone! This blog will take you through my final weekend at TWC and offer some reflections on my internship. There is no low of the week so this blog will just have highs!


A Great Last Weekend of Highs

For my last weekend in D.C., my dad came down to visit me. He got down Sunday morning and stayed until Wednesday when we moved out of the RAF. We had a really great weekend exploring D.C. and seeing some of the things I hadn't made it to in the months beforehand.


First, on Sunday we went to the Newseum, which I had heard absolutely great reviews about. It did not disappoint. It instantly became my favorite D.C. museum (second only to the JFK Museum in Boston for favorite museum ever). The Newseum is one of the few museums in D.C. you actually have to pay to visit, but it is worth any penny. Also, the $20 ticket gives you access for 48 hours in case you don't get through everyting. The Newseum featured exhibits covering everything from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to the First Dogs of all the different presidents. However, the most powerful and interesting exhibit as the 9/11 exhibit. The exhibit had a large piece of scrap metal from the wreckage of ground zero. Surrounding the piece of metal was a timeline of the event based on first reports from different news sources, with most coming from AP. On the wall behind it, was front pages of major newspapers both from America and from abroad with different headlines about the attack. The exhibit also featured a short film with journalists near the scene of the crashes telling their stories. It was a very powerful exhibit that really hit home. This exhibit alone made the Newseum worth the price of admission.




On Monday, the two of us went to the Air & Space museum. I had been here before but not since I was about 12 years old. Needless to say, I had a much greater appreciation for the place. It featured a lot of cool pieces of history from the space race and different milestones in flight. I am not someone who knows a great deal about flight or missions in space so I was able to learn a great deal from wondering around the museum. The place was also filled with so many cool artifacts from history, from planes and drones to moon rocks. It was a really informative and entertaining day wandering around the place.






As I have mentioned throughout the semester, I have really enjoyed my internship. The staff has been great and I've learned a ton. But the best part is I feel that the work that I've done there is meaningful and that Civic Enterprises is truly making the future and present a better place. I have done a wide range of work at Civic and I can honestly say I think all of it has gone to bettering America. So, as you can imagine, I was very sad this past Tuesday for what I thought was going to be my last day at Civic.


I woke up that morning with a feeling of sadness and a bit of anxiety about what was next after leaving the District the following day. My job search was not going well - I had not heard back from anywhere I had applied. I set off to work thinking about how great Civic had been and how little I wanted to leave.


My supervisor had arranged for us all to have lunch together in the conference room at noon. About 20 minutes before our scheduled lunch, my supervisor asked to conduct an exit interview and I sadly followed her into her office. We talked a bit about my time at Civic and how I felt about it. Then, surprisingly, she offered me the opportunity to stay on at Civic as a Research Associate. I obviously agreed on the spot and am thrilled to announce to you all that I am now employed in my first real person job! I am tremendously excited to be able to stay on and continue all the work I've been doing.


I told you in my first blog that I planned to intern in D.C. this semester since freshman year so that I may graduate with a job. I feel incredibly blessed to have accomplished my goal and for all the amazing experiences I have had through the past four years, including this past semester. Thank you all for following my story this semester and thank you to all those reading who have made this all possible!


Check back in a couple days for my final post - the long anticipated Matt Atwell's Final Favorites of D.C.!

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