Midterm Rankings of my Favorite DC Things

Midterm Rankings of my Favorite DC Things

Hey everyone! Here is my long awaited rankings of my favorite spots or things in D.C. so far. I'll post another one of these at the end of the semester as well. Hope you enjoy!


Favorite Site

So my favorite site thus far has definitely been the White House. I really enjoy walking past 16th Street on my way to work everyday and seeing it from afar.


Favorite Brunch

Kramerbooks & Afterwords definitely takes the cake here. Kramerbooks is a little book store in the Dupont Circle area and is a must for anybody who loves good food and a good read. A few weeks ago, I was here for Brunch and had the Duck Scrapple - a combination of Duck, mashed potatoes and onion - and it was heavenly. Literally one of my favorite meals ever.


Favorite Neighborhood

My favorite neighborhood to hang in thus far has definitely been Dupont Circle. There is so much to do there and it helps that Kramerbooks is here. Dupont Circle has tons of little restaurants and a lot of really cool bars. It is also home to the one and only Diego's, a small haircut shop that is impossible to describe. Embassy Row is also located in this area and is fun to walk around and explore.


Favorite Museum

My Favorite Museum thus far would have to be the National Museum of American History. Now, I haven't been to a lot of museums so this will probably change by the end of the semester but I definitely recommend the American History museum. Particularly, I loved the exhibit on the President's as I am a huge presidents nerd. There is also an exhibit on the dresses of the First Ladies and the flag that inspired the Start Spangled Banner is also housed there.


Favorite Restaurant

This is a tough one. It might be impossible to find a bad restaurant in D.C. Every meal out I've had has been delicious but I have to go with Old Ebbitt Grill as my favorite restaurant. I've eaten there twice with my girlfriend and both times our meals have been delicious. The first time we both had a seafood jambalaya, which was to die for.


Favorite Bar

One word. Times. Well, actually it's three words-- Kelly's Irish Times, but it is more affectionately known simply by Times. I don't want to say I believe in magic, but stepping into this dive bar, filled with D.C. paraphanelia, sure makes it seem hard to deny that magic can happen. I don't know what else to say. It's right across from Union Station, and but a joyous stroll from the RAF.


Best Margaritas

I talked about these fantastic margaritas in a previous blog but without question the best margs are at Oyamel. It also helps that this is the only place in D.C. I've had margaritas but still, trust me, they are delicious. Oyamel is located within a five minute walk of the Gallery Place metro station.


I hope you all enjoy these rankings and take the time to check some of these places out! You won't regret it.

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