The week Bex became famous...well, kind of

The week Bex became famous...well, kind of

Greetings, blog readers! April is just around the corner...wait, let me say that again. April is just around the corner. WOAH. Now is the time to truly savor every second of the last half of my time at The Washington Center whether that be with friends, at new brunch joints, at the Library of Congress, or connecting with more and more individuals around DC. This past week was one of the best yet during my time here in DC and here are a few reasons why:


Octavia Spencer + Bex = BFFs

On Thursday, the Library of Congress held an event with special guest Octavia Spencer. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the beautiful diva herself, Octavia Spencer is an author and American actress most well-known for her role as Minny Jackson in "The Help" for which she won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She previously visited the Young Reader's Center to read from her Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective series. At Thursday night's event, Ms. Spencer began the evening by sharing her own personal story of growing up with dyslexia in a small town in Alabama. It was beyond inspiration to see her poise and passionate support for the Room to Read program and literacy efforts of the Library of Congress shine through in her speech.



Craig Herb, the DC Chapter Leader for the Room to Read program, also spoke during the event. Craig is an all-around awesome man: passionate about his efforts in promoting literacy and girls' education, laid-back when organizing a large group of volunteers and willing to assist others even if he does not know them. This last element of Craig's character is in regards to his kindness in connecting me with one of the top public relations firms in the world, Ketchum. In less than a week and a half I have made a handful of significant connections with the company as well as had the opportunity to apply for a summer fellowship and work with a very impressive group of individuals in Ketchum's brand marketing sector.


The reception in The Great Hall following both Craig and Octavia's speeches was full of excitement. I had the privilege of meeting various individuals from Room to Read, at which point I relayed my interest in volunteering with them during the rest of my time in DC.



The BEST part of this reception was hands down this photo that a few of my co-workers and I took with Octavia. Next to Octavia on the left is the lovely director of The Center for the Book, John Cole, who is likely one of the sweetest, most knowledgeable and intelligent men I have ever met. His passion for the history of The Library of Congress and The Center for the Book can not even be put into words. Oh, and you are probably wondering how Bex became famous this week?! Well, Ms. Octavia Spencer herself retweeted this photo when Kahin (far left) tweeted it on his personal twitter account. Pretty neat! (But I doubt I will ever be as famous as she is unfortunately!)



Once the weekend hit, Bex spent the last few days with her fellow blogger Kiarra, who has decided to end the program early and return home to Canada. It was bittersweet, but we promised each other we will stay in touch and I wish her all the best in her future! We obviously had to spend our last time together in DC eating a spectacular breakfast, so we went to Batter Bowl Bakery on H Street and treated ourselves to puffed pancakes. Man, were they good!



After returning from our Sunday breakfast, I decided I would be spontaneous and go check out afternoon Zumba in the basement of the RAF. I was a little nervous considering my dancing capabilities are...well, non-existent. But, our instructor was so lively and cheerful that I did not even care about how ridiculous I looked to the other girls. She made the hour fly by and it was one of the most fun de-stressors I have taken part in thus far at The Washington Center.



That is all for this week, folks! Get ready for another fun-filled report from Bex next time and enjoy your week.


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