'Twas Some Snazzy Spending..

'Twas Some Snazzy Spending..

I pride myself in being very conscious of the amount of money I spend per week while living on my own. Since my time in DC, I have kept every single receipt from all of my purchases (I learn from the best...shout out to Mama Dose). Sundays are when I sit down and tally up my expenses for the week, making sure that they do not exceed the allotted amount of money that I give myself to spend each of my 15 weeks here.


But, there comes that one day in a blue moon when you just need to embrace your ability to buy everything in sight, right?! This past Sunday, my friend, Kahin and I hopped around DC for 5 hours and did just this: some snazzy Sunday spending.


Kahin is one of my favorite people in DC. He works in the Young Reader's Center where I have assisted with a few events such as Monday's rescheduled Dr. Seuss event, which was previously cancelled due to an icy DC delay. A little "Cat in the Hat" version of "Simon Says" at the end of a few Dr. Seuss readings was a fun way for preschoolers to end their visit to the Library of Congress for the day.


LOC Photo Credit: Shawn Miller

The highlight of this fun-filled experience was hands down the following encounter I had with a little preschool boy:


As I am high-fiving all the children after "Simon Says," a young boy comes up to me with a straight face and says, "You are NOT the real Cat in the Hat." Now, with my one and only rule being that I was not allowed to talk, I looked at the little munchkin who was attempting to blow my cover, and kindly grinned, hoping he would not cause a scene.



Photo Credit of Shawn Miller

LOC Photo Credit: Shawn Miller

"You are a FAKE!" he continued. Well... this is just dandy, I thought to myself. I have a 4-year-old currently demeaning my role as clearly, the one and only Cat in the Hat to ever exist on earth...


"The REAL Cat in the Hat doesn't wear black shoes with gold studs on them!" he said, pointing to my J.Crew flats and bringing the attention of all the kids to a statement that every single one of them would perceive as the end of the world.


Not being able to talk, I simple shrugged and put my hands up as if to say, "Beats me, little munchkins! Just give me a high five and scurry on back to preschool." But, upon my further initiation of kindness in high-fiving the children after that unfortunate encounter; they simply looked at me with wide-eyes and kept their hands to themselves. That little weasel (whom I love so dearly) made the children dazed and completely opposed to any further contact with an imposter Cat in the Hat such as myself.


Minus that brief scenario, my bosses sure did enjoy making me pose all over the Young Reader's Center as they took photo upon photo of me while tears welled in their eyes from laughter. Exhibit A:


Now, to tell you a little bit about my Sunday spending adventure with Kahin, I will start by saying that the original plan was to simply go to a cafe near Eastern Market for coffee and macaroons. Somehow, this dessert date turned into quite the excursion that actually did not even involve what I was hoping would be my first experience with macaroons due to the cafe being closed.


Regardless, our spontaneous first stop was District Doughnut where we started the day of strong with some mouth-watering sweet treats:



Next, we stopped into a restaurant called Mr. Henry's for a little happy hour drink, followed by a coffee stop (of course) to Peregrine Espresso to keep us energized for the rest of our random...very random outings.



Next, we stopped in a small Italian shop called Radici Market where we befriended a new employee who just moved here from Italy named Maria Elena. What a beautiful name! She was very sweet and elated that we stopped in for a wine tasting and lovely conversation.


Well, we all know time flies when you are having fun...which brought Kahin and me to dinner time! We saw a sign for "Balkan cuisine" and looked at each other thinking the same thing: "I've never heard of Balkan cuisine. Let's try it!" So, we went to a restaurant called Ambar and had a great small plate meal during which we ordered almost half of the menu items...



It was a fun week filled with new restaurant travels, great memories and a new second identity as a cat...


Have a great week, everyone and get ready for the cherry blossoms!



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