'Twas a cherry good week in DC!

'Twas a cherry good week in DC!

Although Mother Nature has tortured us with a few days of rain and humidity this past week, she has also graced us with a handful of absolutely gorgeous days of which I took advantage of in every possible way. On Sunday, Kahin and I spent the entire day traveling 12.2 miles through the cherry blossoms and massive crowds of tourists on spring vacation who took pictures of just about EVERY cherry blossom on EVERY tree in EVERY part of DC...the funny thing is, you likely think I am joking or exaggerating but, I am not.


We started off at botanical garden, which is absolutely gorgeous! The bright colors of flowers and the fresh scent of spring nature throughout the area filled Bex with happiness. Flowers are a girl's best friend, right?



After going to a lovely brunch (of course, because how could Breakfastwithbex not brunch it up on the weekend?!) Kahin and I popped into H&M and then crossed off "Bex's First Gelato Experience" on our "Bex & Kahin DC Bucket List." Now, we have only brainstormed this ever-growing list, but it is definitely one that we need to write down on paper soon. Since I will be here for the summer, Kahin and I are planning many fun events: paddle-boating along the Potomac, traveling to NYC for a day to shop, of course, as well as drown in Serendipity-themed frozen hot chocolate delights, and many more bucket list activities. Kahin has been such a supportive, energetic and amazing friend since I arrived in DC in January and I am so thankful that I will be able to continue making memories with him throughout the summer.



I have to say that although gelato is "decent," Bex has a strong opinion on all the rave for this rich delight: It is overpriced; you only receive a little bit; and I would much rather scarf down a massive chocolate and vanilla soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles in a waffle cone for half of the price then attempt to savor every tiny bite of this rich gelato. That is all. I will not charge you for that brutally honest Bex review of gelato. You are welcome.


In other news this week, Bex worked endlessly on her final project for her Brand Management class, which was a brand audit report on Doritos. After endless hours of research, work, group meetings and late nights, our project came together and we presented it for our peers on Wednesday night. It is crazy to think that we only have two classes left...man, how time flies when you are having fun. I truly mean that. My experience at The Washington Center has been much more than I could have ever imagined. If you are reading this as a prospective student, please treasure every ounce of time you spend here during your semester. Do not sit in your apartment wallowing in sadness because you miss friends or are tired after your long internship hours (you can sleep when you're dead, I promise). Rather, enjoy your course engagement, make a conscious effort to befriend individuals whom you may talk to once or twice or who may become life-long friends and most importantly, invest time in what matters most to you: your passions. If you love journalism, go the extra mile to get a spot on that tour of CNN, or that tour of NPR and the Newseum. Do not pass up these opportunities, or yes, you will regret it. That, I can guarantee. You have nothing to lose in DC, only something to gain. And what you gain is completely in your hands. Okay, enough serious talk and back to the fun stuff!


Yes, five seconds ago I threw a jab at the millions of individuals taking pictures with the cherry blossoms and yes, I was one of those people for approximately 10 seconds. But, I just posed in the picture...Kahin took it. So that doesn't even count...



Catch ya on the...other side of the Potomac, friends!



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