The Greatest Takeaway

The Greatest Takeaway

It feels a bit out of the ordinary as I sit in my bed in Rochester, NY writing my last blog post as opposed to sitting in my apartment at the RAF where I wrote for 15 weeks straight. As I reflect on my semester at The Washington Center, one important aspect of my journey sticks in the forefront of my mind. I would like to share it with you:


1. Learning more about myself was my greatest takeaway of The Washington Center Program.


An individual will step into a new environment with the mindset that he or she can transfer a seemingly typical routine and current set of habits quite easily to a new environment, whether that environment be Washington, D.C. or rather a new country during a study abroad semester. One fails, at first, to come to the realization that change is in fact a stepping stone in the right direction, that direction being one of maturity and growth as an individual.


As I explained to my parents upon my arrival home to Rochester, NY last week, D.C. is the polar opposite of St. Lawrence University where I study as a full-time student. D.C. is a large city that is highly interactive, socially-fueled, professional and up-to-date every single second of every day. St. Lawrence County is a tiny and isolated place in which one recognizes just about anyone and everyone and the only activities to engage in are on or around campus in the wild and crazy college-like setting. With this said, the Rebecca Doser who hung out with the same individuals 24/7, planned every possible daily activity to a tee and engaged in the wild townshouse shenanigans herself, changed her ways when acclimating to the D.C. style of life. The Rebecca Doser living in D.C. met at least two new individuals a day, attempted to plan every aspect of her week only to end up going to those spontaneous get-togethers or last-minute events and often engaged in casual happy hours with colleagues or new acquaintances. Now, differentiating these seemingly different Rebecca Doser personas does not mean that my values or beliefs changed in any sense but rather that I have learned quite a great deal about myself through my exposure to two vastly different environments.


As I enjoyed a night out at Union Pub in D.C. with my fellow St. Lawrence classmate, Tom, who also attended The Washington Center Program, we both related to the differentiation in our mannerisms, confidence, dress and mindset when in these two different "worlds". We equally love the spontaneous, young professional environment of DC while also fondly reflecting on the isolated and wild college setting of our University. It is important to reflect on how your mannerisms have or have not changed after a semester away from what you would consider "the norm," in order to realize, hey, I can love one and still love the other too (or perhaps come to a different realization). Because that is exactly the conclusion that Tom and I came to: We cannot wait to continue growing into the young professionals that The Washington Center has prepared us to be this summer in our respective internships. But, we have this gut feeling that as soon as we step back onto our St. Lawrence University homeland, we will immediately embrace our inner Saint spirit within seconds just in time to live up our senior year.


And with that, I suppose it is time to say farewell! Thank you to all who have followed my blog throughout the spring semester. I truly cannot express how much I enjoyed being a student blogger and having the opportunity to look back at journal of blog entries as a memento of my semester in D.C.


But wait, how could Bex not include a photo in her last blog post?!


Here is a photo of me and my best friend, ginger-partner-in-crime, younger brother Jeff who I missed more than anything during my time in D.C. We are having a blast together during my three weeks home before I head back to D.C. to work at Ketchum this summer, but Jeff is planning to come visit sometime in July so Bex is not too sad yet!



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