Poetry and Lincoln and Brunch! Oh, my!

Poetry and Lincoln and Brunch! Oh, my!

Welcome to the heart of March, everyone! Tis the month of many great events: The 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, St. Patrick's Day festivities, the National Cherry Blossom Festival and even more exciting upcoming events at the Library of Congress.


Passion for Poetry:

On Tuesday, the Library of Congress hosted a Poetry and Literacy Symposium: a series of panel discussions in which poetry foundation representatives, teachers, and poetry and literacy advocates discussed the connections between expressive writing and literacy across different populations. The day was filled with passionate discussion among many poetry lovers. This is just another example of one of the free and public-oriented events that the Library of Congress hosts throughout the year. I was thrilled to write a follow-up article on the event for the Library of Congress magazine, The Gazette, which will be published this upcoming week. It sure felt good to get back in the writing spirit as I am normally used to writing a few articles a week for my college newspaper, The Hill News.



Coming up later in March is an event with Octavia Spencer whom I am very excited to have as a guest during my time as an intern!


Lincoln at the Library:

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Assassination, his Second Inaugural Address was on display for three days in the Great Hall. This four-page handwritten copy of President Abraham Lincoln's speech was sent to the Government Printing Office for typesetting and consisted of approximately 700 words. This was the first time since the 1950's that these 5 pieces have gone on display together.



My fellow TWC friend and the publishing intern at the Library of Congress, Megan Brown, accompanied me to a short presentation regarding the background of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. As an Abraham Lincoln fanatic, Meg was more than just a little bit excited when we had the opportunity to head over to the beautiful Jefferson building for this display. What a nice lunch break for us!




Brunch with Bex:

Every time I read a blog post from my fellow blogger, Kiarra, I find that we have more and more things in common: our love for coffee, grocery shopping, great food and exploring! So, when I bumped into Kiarra on Friday during our Career Boot Camp, we exchanged numbers and planned what was a unbelievably delicious brunch on Saturday at a French restaurant on H Street called Le Grenier. Kiarra and I talked for hours and enjoyed each other's company with great food, coffee, and fantastic service from our French waiter (who was unfortunately very hard to understand). Getting to know people, where they come from and how their DC experience is going thus far is one of my favorite ways to spend my time on the weekends. I loved sharing family and friend stories with Kiarra as well as building a new friendship that I know will continue to flourish throughout our time here! A killer eggs benedict, my first creme caramel flan and a lovely new friend made for a great start to my Saturday.





After a little family cleaning in Apartment 516 for us ladies, I went over to the Flats apartment building for the first time this semester to visit a few fellow St. Lawrence classmates, Nicole and Annie, who are also here at The Washington Center for the semester. Living in two separate buildings, we rarely see each other unless it is merely in passing during an academic program event in the basement of the RAF. Thus, this was a great opportunity for me to get updated on their lives as well as see what their living facility is like!



If my weather app on my phone is being honest with me (which is always debatable), it looks like this week may entail some 50-60 degree F weather! Could it actually be true, DC?!? Well, we will have to wait and find out. Here's hoping for a warm week, friends!


Take care and check back next week!



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