New food, friends and fùtbol

New food, friends and fùtbol

I am not one to love change, in any sense to be quite honest. But, I do truly enjoy new experiences and spontaneity in my life! This week was filled with new friends and new food, of course, because what would a Bex blog post be without a feature of some sort of food?!


Bacon-sructive in your menu choices...


It has been a while since I have seen my friend, Allison simply due to our busy schedules and her heavy coursework at American University. When we finally got the chance to spend some time together I took her to a place called Toscana Cafe that I pass on my way to work every single day but have yet to stop in. We spontaneously chose an appetizer of stuffed figs with goat cheese, wrapped with bacon in a balsamic reduction sauce...yeah. You heard correctly. Wrapped. In. Bacon. Enough said.



The Best Buddies


Nothing beats meeting new friends who are quite frankly, as outgoing and weird as say...Bex and Kahin are! So, when we met up with our new friend, Greg, after work at a fantastic place called Barrel on Capitol Hill we embraced his fun-filled mindset and had an absolute blast for hours. One of the many reasons why I love DC is because of the endless amount of people I meet right and left who are just as outgoing about meeting me as I am to meet them. If you are not a people person, then perhaps DC is not the place for you. But if you are a people person, then knock yourself out and even befriend the cashier at Giant that you see every week like I did. :)



Embracing my inner...Madrid spirit!


What did you say? Another way to meet new friends and experience something new? Count Bex in! Ismael has never missed a Madrid soccer game, but wanted to spend some time together on Saturday so, what better way to do so then to go over to Elephant and Castle to join a Madrid fan club called Pena Madridista DC as they watched the Madrid game? Although I do not know very much about soccer, it was so nice to spend time with a group of avid fans and meet some great individuals! I would love to go back for another game!



Volunteering with my roomie, Miranda

In order to fulfill our volunteer requirements, Miranda and I decided to spend some time serving lunch to the homeless on Monday through a great program called SOME (So Others Might Eat). It was a great experience in which both of us met very personable and generous volunteers and even interacted with those who came in for lunch. I am planning to go back while I am here this summer and volunteer my services more often for this program, which has been around for over 45 years. Here is a lovely photo of Miranda and me strutting our snazzy hairnets...



One more full week left at the Library of Congress! Man, that is so hard to believe. Looking foward to celebrating a great internship and the final festivities at The Washington Center this upcoming week!


Talk to you soon :)



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