Life is Bueno

Life is Bueno

This week Bex experienced a wide range of emotions, all of which contributed to a fresh new mindset full of amazing opportunities and a positive outlook. Let me start off with the highlight of the week: I was offered a summer fellowship at Ketchum and could not be more thrilled! This is a fantastic opportunity in which I will be working with the Brand team at Ketchum's DC office. With my passion for creativity, blogging, and working with different food brands/websites, I cannot wait to hop on board at Ketchum, especially with their current client, The Hershey Company. Mmm, such a "sweet" opportunity, indeed!


To celebrate the great news, my boyfriend got us tickets to the New York City Ballet at The Kennedy Center on Wednesday evening. It was absolutely beautiful. Growing up in a musically-inclined family, I attended and enjoyed many concerts and musicals throughout my childhood. While in DC, I have had yet to experience any musical outings, thus this was a special treat for Bex! The dancers were flawless and it was simply the most perfect way to enjoy my evening.



On Thursday morning, I promised Nate the Great that I would grace him with a lovely "Breakfast with Bex" if he stopped by my apartment before I left for work. Let me tell you, Nate the Great really loved his breakfast sandwich. He has only been talking about it with just about everyone on the fifth floor for the past few days...gotta love him!



Later that night, three fellow St. Lawrence friends and I went out for sushi in Chinatown. I have to say, unfortunately the sushi was nothing spectacular in comparison to the fantastic sushi that I sometimes treat myself to at the Library of Congress Madison Cafe! DC needs to step up their sushi game according to Bex's taste buds. I will have to travel to another sushi joint to see if anything comes remotely close to my very nice and personable sushi maker at LOC who ever so graciously makes a mixture of all my favorites for lunch occasionally. Here is my friend Tom at dinner. He was the smart one and ordered a delicious chicken dish as opposed to my average sushi.



Closing off what was a fun and exciting week came an unexpected turn of emotions when I attended my last civic engagement module called "Faces of Homelessness" in which two formerly homeless individuals, Candy and Steve, shared their stories of experiencing homelessness. I cannot even put into words how moving, eye-opening and truly life-changing their stories were. As an emotional person myself, I broke down when Steve told of his abusive mother who beat him as child and described the people who splashed urine on him in the humid, hot summer months. His statement that the majority of us in the audience could say that we have heard the phrase "I love you" countless times throughout our lives, yet he has never heard it once, made me reflect on how thankful I am to have amazing parents, brothers and friends in my life who love me unconditionally and vice versa. Both Candy and Steve's stories were remarkable and have left me with the confidence and mindset to at the very least acknowledge the homeless in passing with simply a smile or a "Good morning" as opposed to walking by in fear.


As for now, it is time to start apartment shopping for the summer! Yippie...


Talk to you soon, friends.



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