Hopping around DC before Easter

Hopping around DC before Easter

April has arrived: the month that seemingly does not exist in my mind because it flies by every year without even the bat of an eyelash. But, while in DC, Bex is determined to make April the most memorable month! So, in the spirit of Easter, I hopped around a little bit this week to some new places. Here is a peek at my week:


Bex & Cupcake Join in Holy Macron-mony


This week, I fell in love...with a macaron. After failing to make it to The Sweet Lobby a few weeks ago, Kahin and I decided to go after work this past week.



The Sweet Lobby is known for winning the Food Network Cupcake Wars so I was dying to try a cupcake. But, at the same time, I was dying to try my first macaron. It was almost like the cute little joint read my mind when I walked in and laid eyes on the prize: The MacTop, aka a cupcake with a baby macaron on top. Thank you, MacTop for gracing me with your existence.



A Short Trip to Alexandria, Virginia


On Friday I traveled to Alexandria, Virginia for an interview at a PR company and then walked around Old Town for quite a while. This area of Virginia is absolutely beautiful and full of so many shops, boutiques and great activities to engage in for the summer months. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit drab when I was there but I will definitely be returning in the near future!



Easter Away from Home


I sure do love holidays and Easter is no exception. This is the second year in which I have been unable to spend Easter at home in Rochester with my family. My mother and Grandmother's traditional Ukrainian pierogies and my mom's borscht along with decorating hard boiled eggs with wax and colors are all definitely aspects of the Easter holiday that I treasure. But, I was lucky enough to spend it with others that I love who live close by in Virginia. If you remember one of my best friends, Taylor, from my first blog post then you may recognize her yet again! We had a great weekend full of family fun with her boyfriend, Ivo's Brazilian relatives and friends, a bonfire, great food, church and celebration.



Nice Weather in DC = 2 Hour Stroll


Monday brought some beautiful Spring weather to DC and when stuck in an office with no windows all day, one wants nothing more than to break out and enjoy the sun for at least a few hours. So, Kahin and I scurried home after work at the Library of Congress and then met up at the Capitol for what turned into a two-hour stroll along the National Mall. The amount of people outside enjoying the night was amazing and it was truly a relaxing and gorgeous stroll with great company.



As for now, Bex is headed to bed. But a little bird told me she has some very exciting news/events occurring next week so get pumped. I know the anticipation must be killing you....


Enjoy the beautiful weekend, folks!



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