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Program: Media and Communication

The Greatest Takeaway

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It feels a bit out of the ordinary as I sit in my bed in Rochester, NY writing my last blog post as opposed to sitting in my apartment at the RAF where I wrote for 15 weeks straight. As I reflect on my semester at The Washington Center, one important aspect of my journey sticks in the forefront of my mind. I would like to share it with you:   1. Learning more about myself was my greatest takeaway of The Washington Center Program.  

The Last Hurrah!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

A few new excursions, lots of work to wrap up the semester and celebrations of a great time in DC made for a fun last week at The Washington Center Program!   Bex's First Hiking Excursion  

New food, friends and fùtbol

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I am not one to love change, in any sense to be quite honest. But, I do truly enjoy new experiences and spontaneity in my life! This week was filled with new friends and new food, of course, because what would a Bex blog post be without a feature of some sort of food?!   Bacon-sructive in your menu choices...  

'Twas a cherry good week in DC!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Although Mother Nature has tortured us with a few days of rain and humidity this past week, she has also graced us with a handful of absolutely gorgeous days of which I took advantage of in every possible way. On Sunday, Kahin and I spent the entire day traveling 12.2 miles through the cherry blossoms and massive crowds of tourists on spring vacation who took pictures of just about EVERY cherry blossom on EVERY tree in EVERY part of DC...the funny thing is, you likely think I am joking or exaggerating but, I am not.  

Life is Bueno

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This week Bex experienced a wide range of emotions, all of which contributed to a fresh new mindset full of amazing opportunities and a positive outlook. Let me start off with the highlight of the week: I was offered a summer fellowship at Ketchum and could not be more thrilled! This is a fantastic opportunity in which I will be working with the Brand team at Ketchum's DC office.

Hopping around DC before Easter

Friday, April 10, 2015

April has arrived: the month that seemingly does not exist in my mind because it flies by every year without even the bat of an eyelash. But, while in DC, Bex is determined to make April the most memorable month! So, in the spirit of Easter, I hopped around a little bit this week to some new places. Here is a peek at my week:   Bex & Cupcake Join in Holy Macron-mony  

Greetings, blog readers! April is just around the corner...wait, let me say that again. April is just around the corner. WOAH. Now is the time to truly savor every second of the last half of my time at The Washington Center whether that be with friends, at new brunch joints, at the Library of Congress, or connecting with more and more individuals around DC. This past week was one of the best yet during my time here in DC and here are a few reasons why:   Octavia Spencer + Bex = BFFs

'Twas Some Snazzy Spending..

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I pride myself in being very conscious of the amount of money I spend per week while living on my own. Since my time in DC, I have kept every single receipt from all of my purchases (I learn from the best...shout out to Mama Dose). Sundays are when I sit down and tally up my expenses for the week, making sure that they do not exceed the allotted amount of money that I give myself to spend each of my 15 weeks here.  

Understanding the Strength of Words

Sunday, March 15, 2015

After completing a nice Saturday morning workout downstairs in our tiny gym, I was about to head back upstairs to get ready for a coffee date with a TWC alum, Tatiana Van Campenhout, when all of a sudden I bumped into the one and only, Nate the Great. Now, you should know that I rarely ever see Nate due to the hectic nature of my internship, course load and time that I spend with friends. The last time I saw Nate was when he kindly fixed almost every single light in our apartment towards the beginning of the semester.  

Welcome to the heart of March, everyone! Tis the month of many great events: The 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, St. Patrick's Day festivities, the National Cherry Blossom Festival and even more exciting upcoming events at the Library of Congress.   Passion for Poetry:

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