Friends in Cold Places

Friends in Cold Places

So remember about 3 months ago when I was complaining about the heat and humidity I first experienced when moving to D.C.? I take it all back. As I’m sure you are aware, the Northeast has recently been hit with an “artic front” (whatever that even means), resulting in some very frigid weather here and mountains of snow back home in Western New York. Needless to say, fall is now over, and winter is coming. (Looks like the Starks were right after all?) Sadly, this means my time here in D.C. is almost at an end. The city has already begun its preparations for the upcoming holidays, and although I’m very excited to be going home for Thanksgiving, that also means only two more weeks left here at TWC which to me seems absolutely ludicrous.


Yes, that is ice on the reflecting pool.


All semester long I’ve watched my friends here at TWC hosting their own friends from back home, and this weekend I finally had some friends of mine come and visit. To be honest, I’m actually a terrible host and tour guide because I’m extremely indecisive and couldn’t decide what were the most important things to show them. But of course what trip to D.C. is complete without a trip to the National Mall, so I figured that would be a good place to start. I don’t even think I could count the number of times I’ve been on the Mall this semester, but I must say, each time nothing ceases to amaze me. It seems as though each time I visit, I discover something new. For example, my friends insisted we see the Lincoln Memorial, which I’ve been to a few different times this semester. But as we were walking up the steps to the statue, I noticed for the first time a large engraved slab in the middle of one of the landings. Apparently that spot was where Martin Luther Ling Jr. stood and gave the “I Have a Dream Speech." I probably should have noticed that before since there was a hoard of tourists surrounding it taking photos, but it’s kind of neat how I managed to find something new and exciting.


Being festive at National Harbor


I couldn't get a better picture because there were too many tourists with iPads in the way.


The person who took this forgot to get Honest Abe in the pic...


I also got to take my friends out to my favorite places to eat here in D.C. and let them experience some of the options that we don’t have back home. One of my favorite places, and the one that was the biggest hit with them, was H&pizza also just known as &pizza, which is a pizza place native to D.C. and conveniently located only a couple blocks from the RAF down H Street. Hands down the best pizza I’ve ever had, they give you so many options it makes your mind spin and your mouth water. It’s kind of like Chipotle or Subway, assembly line style, and you get to put whatever you want on for no extra charge. They also have a special oven that bakes the pizza real fast, so you’re not standing around waiting for 20 minutes while it cooks. Honestly, words can’t even do this little piece of heaven justice, so you’ll just have to try it out for yourself at one of several locations located around the city.

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