TWC's Programming

TWC's Programming

As you may know, The Washington Center is so much more than just an internship. It’s a semester long experience that includes an academic course, civic engagement activities, a portfolio project, as well as several workshops and speakers that highlight how to develop as a young professional in a diverse and ever changing world. Usually for our programming on Mondays, TWC brings in a speaker as a part of its Simpson-Mineta Leadership Series, where current and former political figures come in and speak to us about their experiences. So far we’ve had former Presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, and former Majority Leader, Richard Gephardt, as well as the former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. The coolest part of these dialogues (besides being in the same room as famous people) is that all of these events are actually broadcasted on C-SPAN live from the RAF. While C-SPAN isn’t always the most exciting thing, it’s pretty neat that our students and the questions they ask the politicians directly get broadcasted across the country. The dialogues provide a unique opportunity for us to listen to politicians speak on current issues most relevant to us and for the students to ask them firsthand about their career experiences.


In addition to the dialogues and speakers, The Washington Center also hosts a variety of activities for students, everything from pumpkin picking and salsa dancing to trips to Philly and New York. (I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live on the East Coast and that some people have never had the chance to visit those places.) By far the most entertaining and interactive activity thus far has been Global Citizens Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the national diversity of TWC students. This semester, TWC hosted students from over 26 different countries, which certainly makes for an interesting atmosphere. The morning was dedicated to workshops and a speaker meant to highlight our changing world.


The best part though was the afternoon sessions, where each country was given a booth where they displayed their home country's culture, music, dress, and best of all food. The whole basement of the RAF was packed, (interns love free food) and everyone was getting in line to learn more about each country’s culture. Personally I’m a sucker for sweets, and Brazil’s booth had loads of delicious treats and desserts but there certainly was something there for everyone’s palette. After the booths, TWC hosted a banquet for all the students, complete with more food and a multinational talent show, highlighting other nations' performing arts. The day was certainly enlightening and educational, helping us to learn a lot more about the diversity and cultural differences that exist right here within the TWC student body.


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